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Koji 888

As a new user of this lens I find it very hard to make interesting landscape photos that have a
"point of interest". Wide mountain shots look quite boring. Even with much foreground. But I'm working on it.

christelle berthon

The dream lens I can't afford thank you for the video Andy

Per Jensen

Thanks for the video it was very good to hear about how good this lens is and how you are using it because I also use this lens on my X-T2.

Константин Леонтьев

The lens is great! But in two years, dust appeared on the back magnifier. Inside the lens.

Alessio Michelini

The huge facepalm I did after you show the little trick to tape the text in front of the lens... I had this problem from years, and I couldn't think to such simple solution...
But yeah, first lens I got when I bought my first X-E1 years ago, and it's by far my favourite lens, had it for years, it took rain, sand, snow, zero problems, it's still a rock solid lens, and coming from Canon, it beats hands down almost any of the Canon ultra wide zoom lens that I tried.

Peter Švacho

excellent lens, excellent video. Looking forward for new videos as always. Thanks Andy

Brian Zoowab

Thank you for this detailed review. Quite informative!

A question about lettering on the front: does it reflect when regular circular filter is used?

Ruud Garst

please make a video about 2 circular filters, i don't understand how you can screw a nd and then a polarizer filter, and the see tru the nd and polarize?

Mr Drizz

Love my 10-24, although of late the 18-135 has been taking centre stage more.
Regarding the filters, have you seen the Freewell magnetic filters, they may not vignette at the wider focal lengths as the filter itself is magnetic. Also have you considered bigger filters, say 82mm and using step down rings with xume rings?

Jay Altes

I liked this lens that the color really pops and the lines being so straight and satisfying, but the default sharpening is too aggressive for this lens especially for the tiny details, it creates unnatural looking jpgs sometimes. So I recently got a 14mm and gonna test it out in my next trip~ It is also a lot more low-profile than 10-24, which is a big plus for me

Wenyu Lian

Love this lens. I got this lens after your video about two years ago. Thank you.


Purchased the lens couple of weeks ago. A real gem! Really love the sharpness, the colors and the versatility 🙂

Keaton Ditchfield

I loved this review. Yes it didnt have too many tech specs but it gave a really thorough users review which is more important. A lens that you like using will always be put in your bag before a lens that's technically better but you dont like using.


Nice review, I have this lens since a year, and in almost every point I think the same about it... but my results are not nearly as good!

Alan Brunelle
re: Black tape on front — I found that was the best solution for the problem as well when I used it. However, I have found that I just don't have the eye for ultra-wide shooting. In my shooting I find that once I get wider than around 13-14mm I just don't produce as interesting a result. I think it may be that I don't tend to get to those dramatic places you do your photography, but also it just isn't "me" if that makes sense. I used to try to work wider when I shot the Nikon D750 (full frame)… Read more »
Jim Kirkpatrick

Another outstanding review! Thanks for sharing your thoughts on Fuji lenses. Cheers!


Thanks Andy! The 10-24 was the first lens I bought for the Fuji system. Didn't end up keeping it (found I didn't need quite so much wide-angle range) but the pictures were sharp and colorful. And it felt incredibly well-made.


Excellent video again...You mentioned Laowa 9mm F2.8, I'm wondering, how it compares to 10-24mm at 10mm, beside 1mm difference, what's actually your finding?


Andy whats your best sharpening method on Capture One? Do you do additional sharpening on export for screen and print?

Re Rod

Totally agree. It's one of my first lenses and I still love it. Just be aware that you get a lot of distortion in the corners at 10mm. So I can't really recommend using it for architecture or other geometric subjects.

Vasco Jardim

I guess I should have added “workshops in and around Lisbon area”, obviously 😊

M Salmon Plasterers

Great vid, i also bought this for my XT1 and continue using it on my T2, a great lens and one i wouldn`t be without.

Anthony Da Vall

Surely they'll be updating it with a new version soon?

Adam Broadhead
This is very timely for me, I've had the 10-24 a few months but only just got out with it. I was a little concerned with sharpness and potential fringing on my landscape shots but I think that's perhaps my user error and jumping the on the zoom too much on capture one. I was enough concerned that I was thinking of getting it checked but I'm going to get out when the rain stops and give it a good use and see how the images come out.Although I must say when I've used it for candid wide-angle shots of… Read more »
Fellow Citizen

Another useful and compelling report, thanks 🙂

Karin Strobl

Thank you very much for this info. I have the X-T3 with the 10-24 exactley as you say. But I have a problem: most of my pictures are not sharp arround the left bottom corner. I lost a lot of pictures because of this. I mostly shoot between f9 and f11, using ISO as low as possible, I always use my tripod. Maby you have an idea about this problem. Sorry for spelling mistakes or so, I am from Austria.

Timothy Linn

This is an excellent review of the XF10-24 F4 lens. It hits on every strength and every weakness in an evenhanded way. The viewer is not left to guess what is meant by "sharp enough". We are shown. The only thing missing is an interview with the lens designer explaining why this is the only constant-aperture lens in the line up without a marked aperture. Thanks for putting in the effort, Andy.

David Richards

love my 10/24. too. I was worried about sharpness in the beginning, but it suits landscapes well (architecture/buildings not so much). Beautiful images on your website

John Smith
Well, I guess I'm not gonna switch to X-T3 soon. I'm 5050 photo video shooter, and after more than a year of savings I initially bought Sony a6400, which is a great camera, but due to some tech issues and really annoying sensor dust attraction, it wasn't suitable for me. I was on hurry with my purchase, because at the time I needed to film an interview with elderly person, which had a lot of health issues, and could probably, you know, die. And due to possibility of that interview be the final moments of the life of that person,… Read more »
callisto tanzi

Andy what do you think about the sunstars that It produces? I have the 14mm but I'm not very sutisfied about this.


As a guy just switched form Canon to Fuji I appreciate your very thoroughly review! Now I understand that I really need that 10-24 lens
And I also must say that your landscape photos are just stunning! Love them


Just a suggestion, Noone ever clarifies that 16mm on a crop censor is 24mm. If a beginner is watching this that has a full frame camera, they will be set out on an impossible (Or very expensive) mission (canon 11‐24) just saying, When I was a beginner I was very confused because the lack of explaination that cameras were different depending on the sensor. Its maybe a 5 second statement that could get them to look up crop vs full and start them off right

Bernard Lim
even tho I don't own a Fuji, this video helps with the landscape that you described ,Thanks. a much better idea on the terrain ,I use Olympus, I do have a ultra wide Loawa 7.5 equivalent to 15 mm , I find the background is too small,(may be I never use it on a grander vista ) ,so I rarely use it except when I have a very interesting foreground. my go to lens is 12-40 ( 24-80 mm ) , if I need to include more I would use pano, giving me more pixels. what do you think of… Read more »
Corey Cartwright

This lens is my long-term goal since admiring all of your work and even more so after this review, but what would be your cheaper, similar go-to lens if it wasn't the 10-24mm? (If you've tried a lens like that)

Fred Ranger

Great insightful video Andy! May I ask what circular filter system you prefer and use with this lens?

Gianni Saccardo
I have that lens and I confirm every single word you said. It is a wondeful piece of glass. I also do some astro with that lens, not bad, but f4 is not so fast. In fact I'm considering a Laowa 9mm that you have reviewed... but I'm non totally convinced- For the 8-16, I find it non good as the 10-24, it lose detail at the borders, it is heavy and it cost an eye and a kedney! I'd like to ask you about a comparisno between laowa 9 an 10-24, it would be interesting.Thanks for youe videos, I… Read more »
Clive Ngu

How does this lens handle vignette & distortion? I'm Planning to get this lens for interior & architectural jobs.


Agreed, this lens is great. What L-bracket are you using?

sundar iyengar

The fujifilm specification on this lens' MTF curve of "special frequency at 45 lines/mm. says it all...

sundar iyengar

Very nice...
The observation at around 9 minutes in to the video, about lens marking reflecting off the filters and in to sensor is something new learning for me that is to be pondered over... Very good observation indeed... Will try your tricks...

David Greener

Hi Andy, Thank you for posting another great review. I particularly appreciate your review style. It is practical, real world and, most importantly, about gear you actually use. You have helped guide me on a number of choices. Thanks — great imagery!

B SAF1993

what is the longest shutter speed that you find useable with the xh1 handheld? at 10mm.