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I know reliability wasn't one of your metrics, but the PL 45mm has a reputation for AF motors failures... pretty hard to swallow on a $799 lens.

eagleeye photo

"I have no any macro lens but I can recommend one"? It is no brainer get 60mm unless you want to be really close to your object.The rest of 30mm is way too short.

Wudang Academy

The 60mm has the best highlight control compared to all of them... I own the lens myself and it is really good!

Patrick Jin

Awesome review. I am in the market for a macro lens and you certainly helped make my decision. Gonna get the Panasonic 30mm. Do you have any B&H or Adorama affiliate links? There's no sales tax if I buy from them.

Ozzy Paul

Oh my goodness, only yesterday I had my finger on the BIN price for the Panasonic Leica 45, with the Panasonic 30 as second choice, so glad I didn't do the click. As a result of your test I bought the 30mm Pana. Many thanks you saved me some cash.

David Wong
Hey Gerald, David here. It was good to meet you in person at ProFusion Expo. You are pretty much the same in real life as in your videos e.g. fast articulate speech! Another excellent and informative video. I'm thinking about getting into macro shooting. But not wanting to spend the money to buy a macro lens. I'd probably lean towards the Panasonic 30mm rather than the PL 45mm at twice the price (especially after watching this video). I use the G9's HRM for poor man's macro/closeup shots — I crop the 80MP image to something more in the 20MP resolution range.… Read more »
Arnd von Rueden

Very good video, thank you! To wrap it up for me: Panasonic 30 mm best general purpose lens, like the Micro Nikkor 55/60 mm f3.5/2.8 in all its incarnations, and the Olympus 60 mm best usable field “bug macro” with clear second use as a portrait lens.


something to consider, on Olympus bodies with Olympus lenses you can get in cameras focus stacking and bracketing.

Michael Anthony
I was in the process of deciding between these 4 lenses when I came across your video. THANK YOU! I was really having a time trying to decide which lens would best fit my needs. I really wanted a close-focusing lens capable of macro...but not really dedicated to macro. My concerns on the 30mm focal lengths were the close focusing distances. However, your video showed me that I'm not overly concerned about 1:1...Yeah, I want close, and a 1:1 ability...but that's for 10% of the use. For the rest, I just want to get in closer than most lenses can.… Read more »
Old School Blues Player

* * * Macro Photography takes more light then what is going on in this video...if your serious...you will have A: Controlled Light...B: a Tripod...C: at least a 100mm Lens and D: Manual Focus

eagleeye photo

The macro lens require distance from the subject and to be able to illuminate your subject at f8 so longer focal length is and each mm is welcome. AF test is worthless just as image stabilization when doing macro (unless you want lens to hunt), since you have to do it focus manually. I used both 45 and 60 but 60 wins hands down due to focal length, build , focus limiter to 1:1 and price.


Don't try to focus on LED's or other point light sources the CD autofocus will have trouble, DFD may make even worse.


This is one of the most rational and detailed reviews I have ever seen. Wow! Please keep them coming.


Weather sealing singlehandedly swings it to the 60mm for me — I live in a rainy damp location (Vancouver, BC, Canada). Having a weather resistant lens makes me much more likely to get out and use it. Also, the extra focal length is absolutely a huge deal, particularly if you're shooting moving subjects. This video was fantastic — you've got another subscriber here. 👍


Great vid. I own the Oly 30mm and LOVE IT, in photography I hate paper thin in focus, so I constantly use darker apertures and use a light.
I think you should've had a little bit of fun at the end with jewelry. or bugs


olympus lenses don't have IS since they have OIS on their bodies... of course it would be hard to hand hold a macro @ 60mm...

Keith Hider
Hi Gerald,Thanks for a good and useful review but I'm afraid your scoring system leaves much to be desired. All you've done is rank the lenses against each criteria (4 best, 1 worst) but this does not mean that the one in first place is four times better than the one in last place. Take image quality for example; is the Oly 60mm really 4 times better than the Oly 30mm and twice as good as Pan 45mm? This is what your scoring system implies. Also, you've not applied any weightings to your scores — e.g. for some users, image quality… Read more »

Although not quite native, I recommend the Sigma 150 2.8 for Four Thirds. It's insanely sharp and you get long enough focal length where you can shoot bugs without scaring them off.

Bob Klarquist

Putting the Olympus lenses on Olympus cameras might give a different result.

Cue Mage

Damn good video and just what I was after (a comparison of MFT macro lenses). The point system was also a great idea including the value calculation with and without sale prices. Thanks!

Matt Thomas

I have the 60 mm Oly and it works great. It doesn’t hunt much IF you set your limiting dial. There are three settings and you need to use them properly or you get hunting.

norm ee

very well done review...and everyone will have a slightly different subjective view,  like which body they have. Also would just add that the 60mm Oly doubles as a nice short telephoto lens for outdoor photography...

Joseph Hargrove
A nice review of the four mainline MFT macro lenses. I personally use the Olympus 60mm, but only as a dedicated macro lens. Also, I acquired it before either of the 30mm lenses were available and after selling the Leica 45mm I acquired first. Its IQ is quite good, I like the longer distance to the subject, and I like the slightly compressed perspective distortion you get with a short telephoto lens.Like your test showed, the Olympus 60mm does tend to hunt a lot when auto-focusing. If it's too bad, I do tend toward more focussing.I also use the Rokinon… Read more »
Yale Lee


Jog S

Hi, has than a mft 1:1 lens 2x factor of a FF 1:1 in size? 5mm are 5mm of the sensor!?


Absolutely excellent review, thank you. Putting the Pana 30mm in my basket!


Very useful, practice-oriented, detailed and praiseworthy structured test video — great, just that kind of reviews we need. Ingenious content overview, very transparent — rarely seen such a perfect review, thank you!
Someone mentioned, it would be too long and too many lenses compared — I think that's exactly the opposite. We NEED that complete overview over all possible alternatives, and especially with the structured content overview that's not a problem at all... You can easily jump to the relevant sections. All thumbs up!


Macro for me is MF only. Anyway, Olympus AF Works better on Olympus Body. Macro Fotografy with insects are difficult with 30mm, and much more confortable with the 45 or Even better 60mm. In Macro, Image Quality is VERY Important. A Second use for a Dedicated Macro is absolutly Not important for me! The Winner, for Realy Macro use, is the Oly 60mm! The Pana 30mm is a good option for „Multi Talent“ and ocasional Macro. Just my opinion.

BJ Nicholls

Great, but I wish you did a flat field test to see distortion and center vs. edge performance. Macros are often the best for reproduction work, but this review offers no insight on how well these lenses do that job.


You are focusing on the LEDs of the audio box...hence the variable results.

Zuzanna Rudas

I'm about to chose a macro lens for my Olympus camera (even though deep inside I know I will get Oly 60 mm) and your review is the best one I found on youtube. Seriously, this is how a good review should be done! Tables, points, categories and a table of content in the description. Looking forward to watching more of your videos!


I own both the Leica 45mm and Olympus 60mm, and the Leica 45mm is way better in low light focusing than the 60mm

Enoch Haven

The Oly 30 was $99 during Christmas 2017. I don't do macro that much, but really glad I bought it. Great value for that price.

Alberto Guzmán

Hi friend, I want a macro lens for dental photography (the recommended lenses are canon/nikon 60mm or 100mm). Do you think is a good investment the Olympus 60mm? I use it usually with ring flash.


Have you considered using a DSLR lens adapted using a speed booster to allow more light in?

Mark Cotner

I got an amazing deal on the panaleica 45. Such a great lens. Wouldn’t trade it for anything.

Ethan H

Hey Gerald, I'm planning to get the Panasonic 30mm 2.8 for the BMPCC 4K. How is the OIS with a non-stabilized camera? Is it usable for video?

Frost Visto

I would look into Venus Laowa lenses, the greatest macro lenses this world has to offer imho


Thank you for the time and effort that you put into these videos!

Christian Augustin

The 45 mm PanaLeica I had on loan and was not sold by the image quality outside the close-focus realm. I found it actually quite bad at open aperture for larger distances (2 meters or the like), so it is not a general purpose lens. I was rather disappointed by the image quality, while I'm quite happy with the Olympus 30 mm macro – and it behaves much better on an Olympus body (something that is still to be considered).