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Richard Mauro Ricchiuti

Does the volume wheel lock from accidental bumps?

Donnie Zhang

great job,There is not a big difference in sound Indoors, SONY has a smaller volume than rode. If the price is similar, I would choose SONY

Eric Wolff

The Sony looked somewhat flimsy when you touched it. The treble on the Sony was quite tinny at times, although the sound separation when in a crowd was very good at the correct setting. The over all roundness of the Rhode was better though, and it looked more soundly constructed, no pun intended.

Eric Wolff

As for those young girls flashing their bums in some sort of primitive ritual, most peculiar.

Gareth & Zoe Wildcamps

Sony sounds awful with the noise cut enabled. Great sounding inside your house though.

Dr Fruitbag

ROAD TO 1 MILLION YAAAAAA youll be there in no time


Hey on 6:20 you're using the Sony ECM on a A7III, so can you confirm that it will work on the A7III????

Catarina DK

B is a bit dealer and that what I prefer 😊 Youget a bit deeper and fuller voice 🙂

Matthew Gore

Good comparison. I'm pretty impressed with the Sony, here, although there were quite a few weird artifacts when using the noise canceling... so I'd probably leave that to post.


The Sony with noise reduction kicks the shit out of the Rode, but in cleaner situations it's a dead heat.

Shly Hoit

The sony mic is selected on Analog and NOT Digital...

Sudhanshu Kundu

Your thumbnail shows that mic is fitted on a7iii but ... 😣

Andrew Chung

5:53 onwards — "testis, testes, testes 123" lol

Jorge Martinez

I always laugh at anyone still using that big fat ass Rode mic. Stupid big. So 2011.


So is this mic definitely not compatible with the Sony A7Riii


I like the design of the Sony, but it is quite sibilant. So, for me it's not suitable for voice recording, unfortunately.

Dennis Vanderben

Rode vmp sounds like shit always, the Sony sound amazing tbh

Digital Nomad Marketing

Sony sounds better to me — guess I'll have to add on an a7R IV on the checkout page!