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And you can edit .BRAW in Adobe Premiere Pro with our BRAW Studio plugin!

Thomas Engesland

Switched to Davinci Resolve myself a while ago and never look back!



While RED is scamming people with high price... Blackmagic is surely taking big strides with good image at low prices. Well done!

Mark Van Horn

Do you use an ND filter when shooting in full sun?


wow, did you pay ryan gosling to be in this vid? 0:58


This man just reviewed this camera like the BMPCC4K doesn't exist. Button layout, body build etc. just talk about the differences.

Elite Extremophile

Check out LucAdapter's MagicBooster. It gives you Full Frame FoV.

Brian Dane

lol that wont fit my pocket or pocket book lol

Aryan Eftysham

They're calling it pocket cinema camera because of the size of real cinema cameras

Matthew Aitken

Remember peeps, don't use this like a DSLR, this is not a DSLR. This is a cinema camera and although its nothing like any other cinema camera it should still be treated rather similarly.

عبدالرحمن جمعان

how do you do slow-mo in eos r???


The difference between these cheap cams and an Alexa Mini is antialiasing is absent on the cheap cams.

Isaac Holyk

Hey buddy I hope you and your family are well=) Great video, that camera looks very interesting, I wonder if it can in fact take the place of a cinema camera like your c200?

Sam Sloan

yeah, but as a camera design it sucks. I want a c100 (or better yet an FS7) with these specs :'(

Ofentse Mwase Films

Cinema Camera! You have to Rig it up!

Cameras Video Lenses & More

UGH BRAW is to .Tiff as Raw is to .NEF

Maxi Moon

I thought this camera was super 35 not a apsc 1.6 crop🤔🤔🤔

Denzel van Lent

People forget that it's a CINEMA camera... I love it tho, shot my last videoclip on a PK4K and was blown away by the result

ول سايكو / All Psycho

hey mat can you do a video blackmagic 6k vs sony a7 iii ? i think the sony is alot better can you change my mind?

Naman Manchanda

BLACK MAGIC 6K vs EOS R comparison any soon?

temur abdullaev
We got these smart semi-gram surveyors. Pocket does not mean that it will fit into your pocket, but the fact that it is compact for a movie camera. What is a more compact camera with such parameters? The fact that the battery is small is for the steadicam, do you think the built-in battery is eating on arry? And he writes for three minutes at 128GB because it’s a movie bro, and even that it has manual focus))) And the fact that LSD does not lean, did you see LSD on other movie cameras? How can you not recommend this… Read more »
F. Huff

Great review. Well done. I sure that I would not sell all my other camera's for a single BMPCC 6K but it's looking good for anyone wanting to add and accessorize this cinematic camera. IMHO I think of it with some sort of power pack or V-MOUNT battery, a cage, either a t-5 and small hd monitor or a Atomos solution.

Alive Design & Printing

This guy is constantly trying to find something wrong with this camera and it’s incredibly annoying!

Daniel Evans

Are you kidding me? I think the price is way to high for a little extra resolution. The price dosen't make sense to me at all. They didn't improve anything at all that people griped about from the pocket 4k either. Shows they don't listen to thier base. I was going to buy a pocket 4k before this came out, but now I don't think I will buy anything from these jokers...

Pete Johnson Films

Great video Matti as always, footage looks incredible. I have the 4K and it's just astounding. There is a blackmagic raw plugin for Premiere called BRAW Studio from a company called Autokroma — works seamlessly.

Nikos video pro.

2:51 Well, some have bigger pockets ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Myron HIll

I’m waiting for you to try the Panasonic s1


Looks better than real life, you wanna be there! Insane quality! But might wait to see what a7s III would be like as 400 Mbps is huge.


I loved the ursa mini, glad to see bm kept the user-friendly interface. The mini is a bit unwieldy but I love the picture quality and built-in ND filters. The handheld looks like a good compromise for its compactness, but it also seems a monitor is essential if you cage it.


Did you have issues with infrared, or did you use ir filters?

Matti Haapoja

sooooo ummm whatt?????? is this year 2031 or something. still can't believe it. Oh also 4k still coming but i couldnt wait to post. Too excited


Sooo you're comparing RAW data rate to your EOS R that shoots compressed video?

Solely Love Films

The lack of IBIS is something that is missing in these cameras for me, shooting weddings I absolutely need IBIS for my work

Robert Ulrich

downside is 13 f-stops same as bmpcc and gh5s


They done goofed with that EF mount. Horrible lens compatibility. Should have given it a mirrorless mount to allow adaptation of lenses.

Alexandre Aq

Good post !! @Matti Haapoja

Thank for your comeback on use. im from france (bpmcc6k its coming soon).

So can you give more detail on your configuration (MAC) to edit 6K RAW.

Girlifornia Magazine

Compared with the Z cams, this is already far behind lol

Eric Yehuda

If you have B4k, don’t buy b6k! Go straight for the upcoming Red Komodo RF mount 6k! It’s real full frame camera and only $5000

doug tessler

Great review but none of the links to amazon work hmm