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Falcon Awesomeness
I think people think of auto focus functionality from a dslr perspective. When I use auto focus on a cinema camera, it’s to make sure that the focus is in check since the camera isn’t going to be moving as much or the distance between the subject and sensor isn’t changing that much. Even in moving shots I rack focus. I wouldn’t trust a machine to gauge my eye for focus in storytelling. There’s a big difference in autofocus for capturing stills while your subject may be moving around or in action compared to a constant stream of images at… Read more »
Danny Franco

Here you guys go! Better quality to make you feel like you're filming something great when really it's all about the story...

Kenny Shem

Bigger sensor does not give you shallower DOF, aperture of a lens does. It enables you to move closer to the subject due to its wider FOV and thus more isolation from the background.

4K Live

Wondering if the AF is any better than the 5D2


such a disappoint review, an $2400 with an $150 lens, why didn't use an L lens or 3rd party prime lens...

Mark Van Horn

Stop comparing it to a DSLR or Mirrorless camera. ITS A CINEMA CAMERA!

Michael Schulteis

I hate being nitpicky...
But a) using a frigging kitlens on this is just blaspehmy
and b) talking about an APSC sensor found on Canon DSLRs and then showing a FX Nikon D750 is just wrong on so many levels 🧐🤦‍♂️🙈

E sel

4:45 Can't you guys see the amount of noise?
Wtf why is this happening?

Dan G

Quality Melbourne engineering. Aussie Aussie Aussie, oi oi oi

AK Online App

2 questions :- 1. Can you shoot in 2.8k RAW at just 24fps ? 2. If yes, will there be the basic 1.5x crop factor or 3x crop factor if we shoot in 2.8k RAW at 24fps ? I am not able to find answers to these 2 questions. Pl. help ! Thank you !

Djordje Kostic

As always good video, keep it up 1M sub is near!!


It’s really crazy affordable considering it’s specs!!


6k is weird for the amateur shooter. Tv's are 4k and 8k tv's are already getting sold. There are no 6k tv's. So as an amateur, I would want either a 4k camera or 8k camera. No need to reframe.


Seeing as how 8K is already announced and being sold (to rich people), I'd probably only lease this monster until an 9K or above model becomes available.

Then again, what's to say 12K doesn't become a thing by then. Man, the resolution wars is annoying.

Levi Dye

"So little money..."
My wallet that only has $15

Kevin Morrison

For as much as this thing is I would expect a more polished camera. Definitely not worth half what they are asking given the amateur structure and features! I will pass!


Good point on the submission to festivals as far as quality goes

Max Patten

Love the video revolution happening for filmmakers. Between this, DaVinci Resolve, what companies like Rode and Deity are doing with audio, and Aputure and others making lighting interesting, filmmaking is great now! Still expensive, but way more accessible than before.



ricky v

WOW, 6K pocket camera now. I am blown away and continue to be. Maybe now we won't have 4K Blu-Rays that are just 1080P upscaled for our modern TVs. The movies will actually be shot with 6/8K and down rez'd to 4K for our visual enjoyment. Excited to see what your channel does with 4K in the near future. Thank you.

Guy Barwood

i know we are a smaller crowd, but id like to see a Nikon mount, i have some great N glass ready and waiting

G Film

The camera is made from a lightweight carbon fibre material which makes it super strong yet light. It definitely is pocket size when compared to larger cinema cameras. you can use the in built image stabilisation from canon lenses. mirrorless cameras are also generally slower than a DSLR turn on but for video you don't really need it turn on fast unlike for photography. you can also use a Blackmagic video assist to have a articulating screen with this camera. So affordable at $2495 for a 6k super 35 EF mount camera.

Aji Setiawan

Great camera with potato lens to review, wow!


Does entire review on Pocket 6K
Final Bottom Line Verdict. Proceeds to say Pocket 4K is the best camera.

Game HAX

god imagine they release an 8K pocket camera and keep going

Memeorandum of Understanding

this is not a review...this is a spec reading video.