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El Carlos Diaz

best review I've seen!! great job and thank you!

Jeff Welcher Media

Looks great but it's a shame the video isn't 60FPS. Great great video overall though. Subscribed and hoping you can subscribe back. I'm a growing video producer and just need to get to 100 subs so I can rid myself of this hideous URL. Not trying to monetize and would appreciate the boost. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCrEDoHHYEcLRX45k5KVkR9g


9:27 Is that shot at 25 fps, or 50 fps and slowed to 25? Thank you for the review!

Mankind Film

I love mine, I use it in tandem with the URSA 4.6k, great as the b-roll gimbal cam. I added a v mount cold shoe onto my Moza Air 2 and run off a light v mount power source and it's a worry free all day solution. Great video, and epic camera test locations.

Griseldo Ndoka

Best review ever seen for this camera. Simple, straight to the point, and real life review. Great work

Jordan Fitzgerald - Fitzgerald Media

Hey mate! what lenses were you using in these shots? also what adaptor?

Just Pro Productions

This...this is an epic review...thank you for helping me to choose.

Luke Ayers

It's awesome, bro. You make great videos and review. Really like them 👍🏻

Geoffrey Aaron George

Great review! So so curious which lens the elephant footage was shot on.

Kevin Christopher

Hello! Great review! One of the best I've seen! I am curious how you were able to avoid flicker/flutter from the L.E.D. sting lights in the background of some of the shots, like the shot at 10:55. Thanks!


Thank you. Sometimes (because its a hobby of mine) i am wondering if 4k hq 422 is worth & battery life too. If most of the production is watched on a phone (for my case) a c100ii (a bigger) camera, with better battery and nds might be a deal... when on sale. Thank you once again for the review.


What an exceptionally great Video mate. This is much more of a visual Keynote than just a standard Youtube Video. Subscribed immidiately. Best regards from germany 🙂

Rob Elder

Love the review! Could you share what type of shoulder rig you mounted this too?

Pearl Myghty

Recommend me sharp prime lens for bmpcc 4k

Chris Eldridge

Your work shows a real respect for your subjects, that really shines through. Thanks for the review!

Lauren's Kitchen

Hi Garth! Thanks for this informative video!
Would love to see a video of you reviewing the Zhiyun Crane 2 with this camera too if you have the time =)

Blender Wiki

Stop this BS about battery life, buy an adapter and use any battery you want.

If you want a camera with big battery buy a Ursa mini and stop the baby crying show.

If you do documentary build a m.2 raid 1 to USB adapter for recording: the safest way to use this camera.

Like the name say... is a Cinema Camera. V-blogger circulate please.


Oh, you have such great camera skills, I would like to implement lots of your technique in my cinematography project, the best shot I love is from girl and boy dancing and suddenly camera pan from boy to girl and the car panning shot was also amazing such a superb camera skill.
Can you please make a video of cinematic camera moment and composition, that would be great, teaching people your skills

Dmitry Gudzenko

Oh my God! 1:35 and 4:13
What did you do to get this fairytale look?
It's fantastic!
Was that filmed with Sigma?
Please, answer

Alex Shpigunov

Hey, thanks for the review — really helpful, and nice shots, can see what it's capable of.
How do you go about the focusing with this setup (BMPCC + gimbal)?


6:35 What accessories do you using? kind of smallrig? I'm just getting started bmpcc 4k!


What do you suggest as a solution for the battery life issue? What did you end up doing?

Luke S1020

FINALLY someone reviewing cameras who actually gets paid in the real world, by real clients, for the work they produce with said camera! Everyone else reviewing cameras on YouTube just has them sent over by sponsors, they make a review video, then the camera sits for the rest of its life. Sad state, but the overall tech review quality has gone down the tubes with all the young, "rich," YouTube kids crowding the content. Thanks again Garth — I will be subscribed so long as you're making videos. Cheers.


It's insane how good the internal mics are. At this point I had just come to accept that I'd never be able to use the internal system and would always have to use an external mic, but not having to always have a recorder with me makes a ton of a difference.

Natasha Nicole

Damn, just saw some footage in Perth — when were you in Perth?

Prashanth Budihal

I like your style of framing/composition 🙂

chinelo betserai

thank you you have convince me to buy this camera

pandanus creek films

thanks for this great video, i am really happy with my pocket 4k love the image quality and pleasantly surprised by the on board mics compared to those of the original pocket (which i also own), found some of the ambient sounds the bmpcc 4k on board mics have captured quite useful as an adjunct to the main audio i have recorded separately

Caleb Owens

Great review! When you do have it on a shoulder rig setup, how do you usually find yourself pulling focus? It would seem like it would be a detriment to the ergonomics of a shoulder rig if you need to keep a hand on the lens ring.

You're a filmmaker in my mind space. A good mix of the technical, the craft and yes, the artistic sensibility. Anyone can buy a camera and follow some tutorials, but the hard reality is (we all face them) is that it's rare to come across those ppl that have a firm grip on all three. These ppl don't share a lot of info because they're busy being commissioned. The way you wrap your mind around filmmaking shows me you are clearly one of these folks. Your footage looks very filmic. There is absolutely zero technical or creative reason why this… Read more »