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phil wittmer

lol. funniest bit is @10:20. ! haha

For the rest you tho could literally copy and paste all other reviews in here (including the long name 'joke')

Cinema Addict

Jesus Josh has become such an amazing actor!! I was laughing but also getting kind of concerned and sad for him lol

Roland Lawrence

5:06 comparison of menu diving on the sony 😉

Luc Szczepanski

Dead pixel on night shorts mid right hand side of the image. Side note I have this camera and like it a lot.

G. S.

Thank you for not crushing the blacks into another dimension on the test footage like so many people do.

Evan Teed

Im seriously considering getting this one! But I'm also considering the GH5 and Sony a7sii. It seems like all 3 have their own unique perks. Can anyone who's used all 3 of the offer advice?

I own 2. You don't NEED a cage in order to usefully shoot with this camera but I highly, highly reccomend you get one to protect the camera from accidental drops. If this thing drops from any height it's not going to survive. THAT is exactly how BMD kept the price lower on this particular camera. The body is made up of a composite aluminium/plastic material. I wouldn't even think about taking this camera on a shoot without protecting it with all the rigors that shoots typically present.For best modularity, and price to build quality ratio I highly reccomend the… Read more »

there is a company that is selling a mod-kit for $200 that makes your screen swivel up and down (like sony)......(you can also send it to them for $300 and they will add the swivel screen)

Jim Henson

You clearly got paid for this sponsored bullshit. My iPhone X shoots the same quality wtf 😒


Blackmagic RAW 12:1 looks just as good as ProRes, has more flexibility, puts out smaller files, and can be recorded onto an SD card... just sayin'.

kieran Carter

It's gotta be better than 2.5k, that low light seriously hurts alot. Gotta spend big on good prime lenses and lights


It’d be cool if you guys get your hands on a Z Cam e2

Dave T

How do you feel about no body image stabilization

Jide Ajide

Watching the Domain.com ad and asking how is this so good?

Dauvon Eve

When did u guys film this I was here 2 weeks ago

Andrew Malary
Thank you for validating everything I've read about this camera. I was so excited when i saw the specs but I was waiting for a legit review on this camera and Im so happy you guys did one! Im personally a canon user for my work but seriously, i might just but this for fun haha! That being said, I've wanted to ask you guys for a long time... can you please please please!!!! do a review on one of the kinefinity cinema cameras?I would love to see that in action from Film Riots perspective. Thanks! and I love you… Read more »

Geez, those Domain ads are too good. Josh made me nervous and upset and sad all at once. WTF dial it down. So intense.

Jesus Manuel Barreto

Trunk scene. Fkin brilliant. " to help me uh...not perish. ". 🤣


That is how great channels as Film Riot getting old


Is the URSA MINI 4K (not the 4.6k) better than the POCKET CAM?

Taras Shevchenko

Josh — “(gibberish, gibberish) ProRes!”

John George

I ordered this thing a month and a half ago... 🙁 Still waiting.

Gioell Rivera

By the way, I don't appreciate your appropriation of black magician culture. Please remove this video ASAP.

Rubin lopez

I personally don't like that film look on the blacks. They all look great instead of black

Rubin lopez

Can't believe I didn't see this video yet 😁

Revelation Video Productions

I'm seriously thinking of getting one because of the price, what it can do, and I mean you get a full version of Davinci , but I also want to Sony A7II which I've use 4 times, and because it has amazing auto focus. I've been using micro 4/3 for 3 years now and like what you did I have a speed booster and the Sigma 18-35 1.8 which is amazing and my go to lens.

Nate's Film Tutorials

Awesome review! Lit B-Roll 🔥

Daniele Loni

How do you focus when using it on a gimbal??

Tam Koeberle

Ngl the Fairchild sensors on the previous models are just more vintage looking, not necessarily better, it’s just unique looking.

Isaac Carlton

Thank you for this! Also, the ads are getting so good. Josh is an amazing actor. I have a question: my shadows seem to always have a substantial amount of noise, even when shooting at low ISO in Prores. Is this normal with cinema cameras? I still haven't spent a whole lot of time with my cam yet, so I don't know if I am doing something wrong, or am I just expecting too much from it. Regardless, the image quality still looks fantastic.

Josh Kidd Films

Good review. BRAW is hands down the best thing about the camera though. Not using it is like only using half its capabilities. Just my two cents.