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Jay Freeman

I disagree not using native
You tried Meikes? Veydras? etc.
I can get nice bokeh on my 12 — 35 panny when zoomed in a bit at 2.8
Rokinons are actually pretty soft...arent they made out of plastic too like the Panny?
The Sigma Art is great if you want your film to look like everyone else

CeeVee Bee

The Sigma 18-35 f1.8 goes to a 24,3-47,25mm f2.43 with a sb crop 0,71×
Quik math.

CeeVee Bee

The viltrox is 4 times cheaper!
I wont buy the meta

CeeVee Bee

This is a must watch Video, for filmaker.
No joke!

BadKarma 714

I could never afford a camera like that can you still put a full Cage on that and still build back? I would think it would protect your camera. Love the video alot of good information and the starter kit really Helpful if I ever win the lottery I am getting everything you mentioned in this video.

Samuel Kpakiwa

Another great video, Justin. I am a huge fan of your work. Thanks for this breakdown.


If you want to stay in original mft mount on bmpcc 4k i highly recommend to test voightlander and slr magic mft line. It full metal manual lens with good bokeh and large apertures

Rick Vestuto

I was M43 for 5 years and Metabones adapters are the best
Panasonic lenses are horrible if you're going to use a M43 lens then you should buy Olympus (Way better than Panny lenses)
But adapting FF glass on a Metabones is a Beast
Great review...Totally agree
KEH.com has used Metabones adapters for cheap in EXE+ condition
best regards, Rick

Andrew Koutsou
Mate video was super useful! Really like your shoulder rig and the tilta FF is great as it can be mounted onto the Ronin S Gimbal also.You also made me chuckle at 18:46 if you want to rotate the monitor to hit yourself in the nose. Ba da boom ba da bing.!I have spent a few weeks looking at lenses to go for. The small form factor of the lumix G 12-35 and canon D vintage did appeal but i am kind of set on the sigma with speedbooster but need to see some really nice graded raw with this.… Read more »
sean vandeusen

Also if I may add... Meike 16mm T2.2... highly recommend if you don't have $600 for the metabones adapter and $600+ for that sigma lens. It's a great entry cine lens with amazing results.

Justin is the man here no doubt and I have almost the same thing he has including the GH5. But I like the idea of starting off getting the camera and lens (I prefer a pre-owner Lumix/Olympus 12-60 or equivalent for about $300), some Wasabi batteries (or knockoffs of your choice, about 6 will cost you around $50), media: Sandisk Extreme Pro will shoot 5:1 on down at 24 frames, you get slow-mo 60 FPS at 12:1 BRAW, then immediately buy a really good light (s) and some modifiers: there are some 300W+ lights out there with 97CRI for less… Read more »

The great thing about that Sigma 18-35 is that you get (not exactly) 18-35 with the Metabones and 36-70 without it...frikkin useful!

Lazarus Strain

Micro 4/3 CINE lenses like Meike and veydra are amazing. your talking about normal lenses im not trying autofocus on a CINE Lens. i do agree with you if your talking about normal lenses great video tho

Phillip R Peck
Totally get what you're saying about m43 focus by wire lenses (or any mirrorless focus by wire lenses for video) and also why you don't want to invest a bunch of money in lenses that are only good for one sensor... but Rokinons...? They are super soft at 1.5, they focus breathe and their minimum focusing distance is about 12 feet (exaggerating of course). And they're plastic. Furthermore, while the Sigma 18-35 is an all-in-one miracle worker, it's about as parfocal as my grandmother's bifocals. Whereas the Panasonic 12-35 f/2.8 doesn't breathe, is pretty much parfocal, and can focus to… Read more »
Paul Walster

Great advice... You already fucked up!
Metabones are developing an adapter specifically designed for the BMPCC 4K to take advantage of the (slightly) larger sensor... So you dudes out there who are considering this... Hold out and only spend $700 once for this important adapter, and buy the right one!
For more Useful (and practical!) Advice, please contact me...

Jazz marcel

Best video for me on the black magic 4K!.........answered all my questions!👍🏽😡

Jazz marcel

First Very clear explaination for the pocket 4k yet!.........


This is very helpful Justin! Thank you very much! I first encounter this camera the older version was last year and I am fell in love with it! i am dreaming of having one someday.

Gabe Donovan

Can you still balance this on like a Ronin S or Moza Air 2?

Jer Wat

Hey dude. Love your content. Solid info. Got the BMPCC4K a month ago. I’ve also got the Sigma 18-35mm. Wondering what filter size I should be getting. Some sites say Sigma’s filter size is 72mm but everywhere else including your Kit list recommends 77mm. Should I just get a set of step up adapters? If so, any recommended sources for that? Also, thoughts on Black Pro-Mist? Do you recommend 1/8 or ¼ for interview style shooting and talking head vids. Thanks for your help.


Why use that Evoke SD card and not Sandisk? Is Sandisk slower?

Nicky Ylén-Julin

Isn't it better to impress clients with the quality of work you do, not the gear? If gear doesn't really matter, why impress anyone with it?

Michele Ren

Buy a $ 1300 camera that needs another $ 2,500 in accessories to work well ... Ok ...

Mobile Filmmaking

Nice rig. I can't yet afford a Black Magic camera but i'm saving up to get one (hence why i'm watching all the videos about it) and $3600 for what amounts to a cinema camera really isn't a lot of money in the scheme of things.

Michael Considine

I own both cameras and the Sigma 18 to 35. The GH5 is alot more than a video camera. It's very cinematic. I own the BMPCC4K because it's a fucking beast and for $1300, no serious actor cannot own this camera. It's the gold standard under $5000.00. With that said the GH5 with the Atamos Ninja Inferno us a bad motherfucker. The term cinematic is a subjective.

Focused Story Films

Thanks for this video! I've partly built out a system but I'm definitely adding the rails and handles to it. I'm using NPF 970 batteries instead of a V-Mount, but I have a ton of those already so it's handy. I love your perspective on cinematography vs. videography. I still have my GH5 for those videography scenarios and an A7iii for photography. It's the right tool for the right job. I want to get less videography jobs and more cinematography jobs with clients who can appreciate good lighting and image, and this is a first step towards that.


Wait! you make money with videos and you say you can't afford matte box with square nds?