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Fuze FPV - Urth and Air

I have a PNP Emax baby hawk. I recently installed an XM+ receiver to it. It’s not in D8 mode only D16. The quad I think requires a D8 mode Rx if I’m correct? Will using a Rx in D16 mode fry the VTX? For some reason my VTX will not start up and quad will not boot since installing that Rx but everything did work for a short time after installing that Rx for a minute. However, as soon as I disconnect the Rx the quad boots up. Strange. Any thoughts??

Marc Wasserman

Do you find the corner vignetting at all distracting?


What’s number ND filter is good for a sunny day?

Jeremy Emsley

Hi Joshua, I have two of these's camara's and they do look great but they don't seem to last long, with very minor crashes with both cam's on different quad's they both now will give me black screen's but still able to see the beta flight osd. Put my mirco eagles back in and no problem's at all, picture wise there great, relyablility wise seems not so good at all I still think paying a few extra bucks for the eagle is well worth it.

Michael Wilkes

music quieter, and music without vocals while you are doing your voice over. Just makes it a tad more difficult to focus on what you are saying. Nice music though 🙂 Great video as always.

Artur Petrzak

LoL Joshua! I have just uploaded my video. Now I have started to watch Yours video and it starts in the same way with the same music! Imagine my WTF reaction.
Best regards from Poland 😉


Just built a quad with this camera and the picture is excellent. My only complaint is that you cannot mount the camera upside down and flip the image. WTF?

Todd Beal

I would try it for sure. The + for me is it dont do the white out at all.
That's runcam biggest down fall to the eagle


Thanks for review! Im also using Caddx cameras, as long as Predators. But, Please, include a low light footage in future reviews!!!

Mike vom Mars

Got two Caddx Turtle V2 cams — both came defective, showing a static, yellow screen only https://youtu.be/kAT82xxUwvw
Caddx never replied to my support requests 😡


Joshua what's with your green pool/pond,,, need some chlorine? I know there's never enough time in the day to do everything! First things first,,, Quads then everything else!! Good review!

Collins Njarara

Nice video 👌 and what song is that

Averell Dalton

Hey Joshua, I'd really like to support you via productlinks but there simply isn't any useful links for me from Germany, except maybe bang good at times, but it would be amazing if you could get an affiliate link with, for example, n-factory.de


the first camera i bought for a build of my own was a caddx, and ive gotta say theyve got awesome products,prices, and their customer service is about as good as it gets. even just for help woth your build. guy mustve spent about an hour with me just telling me abou their cameras and their tech their putting out soon etc. i thought to myself man, from a-z caddx seems to be kicking ass they're gonna blow up. and beautiful view from the cameras.


Was the version of the ratel you reviewed here the 2.1mm with ND filter or the 2.1mm with out the ND filter.


That T-Shirt!! Where from? — still waiting Joshua ;-))

RC Performance Wings

I wish they would think about us wing guys and include and include onboard osd for battery voltage .


What frame would you recommend for Freestyle pilots. Which do you prefer bottom or top mount battery


Which is better — 2.1 or 1.6? I don't know what is going on with this sensor cropping — are you saying that it's better than (or on par with) the Eagle even with this sensor cropping nonsense? Really? Since the Eagle doesn't do this, it would seem like the Eagle should be better — what am I missing?

Trax FPV

Can I ask how got the footage? Did you add a HD board? Thanks and great review as always!


Would love to see you do a moisture test. The RunCam cameras seem hyper sensitive to moisture (from grass or snow). I’m curious if the caddex is the same way.

Terrorswell FPV

@JoshBardwell Can we have an update on the reliability of this camera? A number of people are having issues with it freezing. I loved this review and followed an affiliate link (rmrc) to purchase but now am very worried after seeing the videos of people having lock up on the cams.

I just bought this caddx ratel 2.1 mm + ND8 Filter installed to my 5"quad with mamba FC and VTX TBS unify pro v3. Unfortunately it always show Black & White on FPV display (HD3, EV100, VR007). It displayed clearly with color on EV800D googles but the DVR recording is worst ... Black & White with a lot of noise/distortion. I've tried so many ways to get it right from changing the setting especially the "Night/Day" option = Color and Mode = PAL/NTSC even trying to test it with micro vtx Cylops 2 but no luck ... it always show… Read more »