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The Pornographer

I feel like Ive wasted my birthday money😒

Udy George

Heya, is this any good for filming youtube videos or would you recommend going for the more expensive ones?


I have same camera, just got it about a week ago for vlogs but I’m having issues to keep it recording because it cuts off, do you know how to continuously record?

Wayne Hilton

Don't use mic on camera unbnle to understand

Antoine Irving

For the az401 camera you can only use 32g memory cards!

Boy in pink Headphones

Can you give tutorials on the camera I need help

Tayvian Boston

can you please give me some tutorials on how to take better pictures with this camera cause I have t o take pictures at my aunt wedding. @tayboston2004.gmail.com

victor Martinez

You live in Dallas? I saw the picture of the building. If so then we should get together sometime and shoot. Im just starting taking pictures but im trying to learn a bit more. Its kind of boring going out and shooting alone. Lol

May Le

Thank you for the review. Is this a good camera for making videos for Youtube?

claudia L.

Thank you for sharing, very helpful video.

o k

I just got this camera for Christmas so Thank you so much!


If u buy the lithium batteries they last much longer than regular alkaline.

Cliff Dukes

What settings did you use to get such a good picture of the moon.

Kylee Mccrery

Can you record YouTube videos with this

Edwin Reyes

Just got one. Not bad for a 720p camera...