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Scott Sullivan

You should do a giveaway of the C200. Except the rules are — you have to live in California, and you have to be named Scott Sullivan 😝

Ben Smith

would love to see a 2019 review of the Canon C100 mk1

JackH Tech49

Random observation; I have never seen a man with so little muscle tone...

Michael G

Never start a leading sentence with ‘So’. Other than that, not bad.

Shakib Sayzad

Why tf YouTube isn't recommending me your videos with the bell on but they recommend me mkbhd and Linus?? All of their fans are like bandwagoners!

Mr Eos 1DC
I have the Canon 1DC and have been very happy for almost 3 years ... missing autofocus is no problem, I set the photo mode to autofocus, then go into movie mode and have extremely sharp picture, even the night vision videos are fantastic ... ,I do not give them anymore, at most for 5,000,000 😉 -----Ich habe die Canon 1DC und bin seit fast 3 Jahren sehr sehr zufrieden...fehlender Autofocus ist kein Problem , ich stelle vorher den Fotomodus auf autofocus, gehe dann in den Filmmodus und habe extrem scharfes Bild, auch die Nachtsicht Videos sind fantastisch...Ich geb sie… Read more »
Ben Hinman

I would LOVE to see a video from you on older cameras that are still relevant. For instance, it would be interesting to see just what is possible with a 5D mark II vs your current camera setup and just how far you can push such an old but beautiful camera to make it stack up against current gen tech

patrick diaz

I like that camera. I got it for free and ended up giving it back, but man the image is pleasing to the eye. I would still take a new camera over it though for the more efficient processing and codecs.

Tyler Hunt

If the price doesn't matter and we're going off image quality (video & photo) Canon EOS R or 5D mk IV??

Gus Life

This is canons solution to compete with Sony now, bring out a 1DC II, with higher frame rate options and autofocus

Carlos Zamora

I'm interested in creating cinematic videos and I'm currently investing in a camera with a budget of 3k (excludes price of a lens). So far, through multiple YouTube videos, the most recommended is the Canon Eos 5D Mark IV with a Sigma 35mm lens. Is there a better camera and lens for me to purchase?


Thx for posting. how's the R's color compared to the 5d2 and 1DC? thx.

Nomadic Native

Armondo, I’ve watched with great interest your videos comparing the C200 to other cameras. Would very much like to see you do a deep dive review of the C200. I think it’s one of only a few cameras out there that produces 8bit 420, 10bit 422 (external), and 12bit Raw, for comparison but I’ve not seen it done in a review. Have you done this before & I missed it? If not, please consider making that video, I’d love to see it!!

Ewan Lim

On the topic of C200, would it be possible if you could test the Tamron G2 lenses on the C200? There has been some talk on how you can't use the G2 lenses at all on the C200. No functionality.

Northern City Productions

I'll never get the canon Fanboys... Number one canon has always been way over priced and way behind on the video side. If your trying to get cinematic quality just get a cinem camera. Not a flipping mirrorless or DSLR.

Awesome stuff...The Canon 1DC is a mythical beast of sorts — in a way it was the chosen one... 2012, 7 long years ago — promising a TRUE hybrid — between quality full frame stills and high quality FF 4K video... Sadly in the 7+ years since — only the A7S series has come close, with the a7SII now reaching almost 4 years old. Canon's Colour & Processing + 4K / S35 options + C-LOG made the 1DC years ahead of the game — unfortunately Canon being Canon priced it exactly like it was from the future... I've always wondered about this camera — and if… Read more »

yo do a test of the canon 5dMk3 but Magic Lantern RAW mode and show how capable it really is when unrestricted compared to c200 and even 1dc