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I chose A, dynamic range is much better. more details. Never thought it was eos r

b m

B camera sharper I take the expensive camera but will by the cheap A because I will never over-spend for a camera ever again from canon ooh its mirrorless right.

Dry Dock Studios

Boy...many of these guys are peddling cameras like it's going out of style (literally). Shame. If they spent half their time creating compelling stories as they do selling people on camera's, I think there would be fierce competition in the Oscars again. SMH

Scattered Hooligans

In my colorblind eyes, I preferred the 1d

Samuel Rivera

What I thought was the 1DX was really the EOS R...super impressed!!!

「ærø」 「œ」

I’m have the Sony a7 rII and the colors are on point with higher iso and 120 FPS

Eric Yehuda

Since Red will release RF mount Komodo soon, we should consider to buy EOS-R for photography

Matti Haapoja

What do you guys think? Is the 1DX2 still worth it?

Fragiskos M

Sony A7rIII and now with rIV...... all the rest is mumbo jumbo!!!

Alexander Savvidi

Drop them both on floor and you will see the main difference. Thats why i prefer 5d mark iv and 1d over canon R. 1D and 5d iv is heavy duty beasts, that was tested over years.

Steve Murray

A few of us will probably never afford such beasts, but maybe one day 🙂

Mike Zupancic

For video the newer camera should prevail. Now try taking that EOS R out and shoot any action and the R will be in the toilet in 3 minutes.

Erapzone Tunez

What's your thought on 'Blackmagic pocket 4k' and 'Sony camera'

Luke Oliver Studio

canon lost a long time ago when the a7iii came out. Best decision i made was switching systems from the 1dx. So much lighter.

Karsten Bursak

to be honest ...
I would not use the 1DX for video ...
Cameras like the Canon 1DX or the Nikon D5 are made for special users ... mainly press- and sportsphotographers ... where resolution does not really matter ... its about speed

David Symonds

Has no one heard of CLOG 3 for the 1D X Mark II?! It does wonders for the dynamic range, and certainly doesn't have the weird over-sharpening look like he's showing here. You don't even have to mess with the firmware to add it to your camera, as it's just a picture style addition. https://www.atomos.com/offers/c-logupgrade