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Wajdi AlSaeed

Thanks for the great review, subed and fav-ed ❤️

Steve Coutts
I am quite late to the EOS R party. I just recently started looking at it seriously. The 5D3 is my main photography camera. It's trustworthy and dependable — an absolute workhorse. I bought an 80D for video work, which is does well and it also became my backup shooter mainly because the autofocus is crisp and accurate. Of course though, the control layout of the 80D varies greatly from the 5D3 so it's not optimal switching back and forth during event shooting. The EOS R feels more like my 5D3 minus the joystick. I have contemplated adding a 5D4 to… Read more »
Caleb, two questions for you: 1) for all the gear you show and list, one of the coolest seems to be that little flip-out stand you are using to support the camera in this video. What is it and where did you get it?, 2) What is the exact setup (equipment and settings) you used to shoot this video. I have been trying to achieve the look you achieved in this video and always seem to fall short. As for your video, you apparently shot it way too soon after you got the camera and didn't do much research after… Read more »
Darrel Mendoza

if all the lens will be that big there are no purpose for this mirror less system. I will stay with DSLR

Mattias Nilsson

I consider changing from 5d mark iv to Eos R just because i want my sigma 35mm to work. Right now it only works in live view since it focuses on the sensor. When using the viewfinder the center point is most of the time pretty OK after calibration but all other points are not in focus which makes it useless.


I'm not sure if a single SD card is really that big issue since you can "instantly" auto-transfer photos, as they're being shot, to your mobile? Moreover ,Cannon's app now supports auto-transfer of RAWs. It has some cons (transfer speed depends on number of factors, battery drained faster but apparently not dramatically) but to some extent having photos instantly backed up to my mobile, so a separate secured device, might be even a better option than a second card on the same device (camera).
EDIT: Also, a really well prepared review. Good job mate.

Preetam Daniel

Hey what Tripod fit you use around the end of the video ?

G White

I've been using an 80D for a while and recently upgraded to this camera, my first full frame and mirror-less camera. I owned the RP at first, but sent it back for the Canon R. Love it so far.

Mano Manoharan

How to connect cannon eos r on dji ronin s gimbal

Ben Bezuidenhout

Does the viewfinder make your eyes tired?

Brett the Behemoth

Thanks to the firmware 1.2 update, eye AF now works great in servo mode for both stills and video!

Rob Wright

servo mode eye focus added in firmware 1.2

Rob Wright

servo mode eye focus added in firmware 1.2

preetham g

They know what they're doing. If they make it like 5d mark 4 or 1dx mark 2, Who'll buy eos R?


Very nice review, thanks for sharing , I going to ask you what could be a stupid question, But I have to take a decision, if you would have to star buying your equipment today for any reason, what would you buy the R or the 5D mark III?


What's the best lens to use with canon r to record videos?

Erica Statman

This is a great view. To me, it's all about the ergonomics. In the end, if I have a harder time holding the camera or balancing it, that is a deal-breaker.

Nick Williams

A nice camera I just can't bring myself to use one for weddings. For anyone who's had a card fail it's not nice so two slots are a must. I would love them to bring out a 5D MK5 that's mirrorless. With the same size body and lens mount so the only thing I need to buy is the camera. Will they do this, no. A nice camera and great review, just not for me.

John Mario Con-ogan

This is so very informative. I hope I can have my own camera when I have my own job.

Brad Larsen

Thanks for the review. I own a 5D MK IV and would like to move to mirrorless. I like al lot of the features but will wait for the other features you mentioned would be nice to have. Any idea of when the next version will be coming?

Cameron Fous

The EOS R also my new go to camera! Switched from using my Sony ArIII with 16-35 2.8... Gotta love that flip screen!

ganes ram

canon EOS R some people used this camera video working do long time some heat comes there what reason is it real

Nick Williams

I know many professionals like me would like a 5D MK5 that's mirrorless. so same body shape, same lens mount. I know they will never make such a camera but I believe it would be a huge success. I don't get the obsession with smaller and smaller cameras when lenses in the 24-70 f2.8 range remain so big and heavy resulting in an unbalanced camera. Whatever they bring out next must have duel card slots for us wedding photographers.

Kung Fu Imaging

Proper camera holding is with your left hand as the main load-bearing hand, but many think it's the right hand... That's also why when people tell you your wife holds her camera wrong, they are correct. Good video about your thoughts on the EOS R, however.


Im so scared to go mirroless. I have a 6D Mark 2 and I want the EOS R but idk. haha

Sebastian Bevan

Great video chap, so you reckon it’s a good step up from the Canon 5dmkii instead of getting the Canon 5dmkiv, I’m asking because I’ve come to a dead end... help

Ajay M

I skipped five eos r review videos and got here , your review is the best!! you are up there with MKBHD 🙂