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Ravi Chandran

Happy to see you again after long time. Nice video. Covered lots of topics. Unbiased review. Great.

Mr. Miss

Welcome back mate 👍
E) Same camera, 3 naming schemes/SKU's... Good job naming them all 😀

MD Studios

I have canon 200d do i upgrade it to 200d mark ii or not

mister _fotographer

Does this channel has Canon 200d review ???

Soda Free Ent Tech

Awesome video test, I have an Eos T6 but looking for a new cam to start shooting in 4K AF looks good great review have a good day mate


I thought of getting canon 200d. Which one should I get as a beginner

Tim Potts

Great review, brother 👍🏻 I was torn between the 200d and the M50 for my travel photos, went mirrorless in the end, got the 15-45 kit lens and the 22mm pancake, see how I go in Sicily in a couple of weeks. Great channel, excellent information 👍🏻👍🏻

The Great Vanzinni!

Would one 3rd party flash be better than another? I have an old fladh that I'd use but would consider upgrading.

Saswata Mallick

Canon Eos 200D II vs Nikon D7200 , which is better?

Kelly Manuel

Should I upgrade my camera from a canon t1i

david bentley

Thanks Paul
Putting this as a serious contender, never used Canon before just one of those never got to try one.

Just watched a vid on Adapter, Speedbooster, teleconverters and extension tubes from Dave McKeegan. He missed out reversing rings.
Have you done a similar vid in the past?
I think he did it a bit fast for a "Beginner improver" like me ...

Atmbodh आत्मबोध

Can I record and live stream simultaneously from canon 200d mark 2. Will the recoding function will not be displayed on the HDMI output which I will be streaming. Will there be heating issues if the streaming and simultaneous recording is of 2-3 hours