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The RP is more expensive than the actual R in my region… most likely because it's newer.

Born Free

can you create glossy presets for fashion photography


I made it this far give me a star Jared!!

József Ködbaum

Hi Jared,

Thanks for the video first of all. I have a question: I've read lots of articles about that "center af point the most reliable, blah blah". On the other side people are saying that "if you do not want to miss that shot, you should use group focus points / expand AF" . As a beginner I do not understand why would I use simple one focus point if there is expand option to ensure the sharp result. Could you please clarify this? It's so confusing that which method is the most reliable and why.

Paul Kretz

51:03 I made it this far, so give me a heart, Jared =)

Abdullah AlAhmed

Thank you Jared! You’re making the best content for photographers and I learned a lot out of your videos! Keep it up!!

Barett Engelhardt

The question is, should i buy the EOS R now, or continue to hold out for the new one in early 2020?

D Desai

If you are saying your video is Users guide...then please cover all the menus...we dont care if you personally will use those menu or not...please cover all the menu details.


Hope I win this giveaway!!! Love your videos!! 10K subscribers away!!

Noealz Photo

11 days is a strange number — why not 10 : )

Anthony Hershko

Do have user's guide for Canon 5D MK IV? Thanks!

Ain’t nobody got time for that

When you disable WiFi and Bluetooth inside the menu section, does it save battery?

Robert JS

I love this camera. Bought it and I'm so happy with the results from both video and photos 🙂

areef sk

Hai sir...iam from india...iam a big fan of you...i want to work with you...iam very poor sir...i love dslr photography

Diego Unger

Can you do a Users Guide for the Nikon d850? About to purchase one 🙂

Villiam Hansen

Did they change bulb mode? I normally just need to push the shooter, and push again to stop it. Unless I use the touch screen. I never had to hold the shooter down for bulb.


Hey just want to say i appreciate you Jared. I bought this camera and couldn't be happier and you are an amazing resource thank you so much! really grateful

Mike Prozonic

Thank you for this video. Have been watching all your videos for years and have your FroPack and guides as well. I recently got my EOS rp, upgraded from nikon d5600 and kit, wanted to go FF and mirrorless. Picked up the 24-105 and 35 1.8 RF lenses to match and so far been very happy. I basically take pics of my family on trips. Looking forward to taking it on my families trip to philadelphia zoo coming up wth a EF zoom lens as well, hoping performance with adapted is good.

terence joseph de asis

nice video about canon eos rp. your the only one of my favorite youtuber instructor about cameras more power.
give me hearth mr. jared


43:37 Interesting that the language is in Korean. Maybe software is finalized there? I think the batteries are made in Korea as well.


Lens aberration correction... You might want to recommend that people using 3rd party EF mount lenses disable Peripheral Illumination Correction. Took me awhile to realize that having it enabled will cause vignetting and other strange phenomena to occur on certain lenses. Happens with my Tokina 16-28mm f/2.8. See page 124 in the users guide.

Josef Marek

Jared, could you please make a video about new iMac and whitch configuration is the best value/price for photo and video separetly etc. thx 🙂

Jared Polin

Get my 11 Days to Better Photography Mini-Video Course for FREE right here https://froknowsphoto.com/11days

Life NA Mustang

When I was learning to shoot raw on manual... your canon video on the Interface of the t7i got me to understand photography

Robert Campbell

FYI the "V" in TV, AV, FV, etc. stands for "Value". So, TV=Time Value, AV=Aperture Value, FV=Flexible Value. Sorry if it has already been mentioned in previous comments.
By the way, once again, a very well done video. Thank you Jared!

Uncle Buck

Do you think Tamron and Sigma going to make lens for the R, RP

dominick dedonno

made it this far, give me a star! (please and thank you)

Average GoPro Joe

Maybe he expects people to know or maybe I missed it but I’m a noob and don’t know. Why the heck would you put a micro sd card in this? I’m talking about the micro sd slot by the sd card.


Jared will 3rd party glass work with the RP adapter? I have a Tamron Di VC USD 24-70mm 2.8 and a Sigma 17-50 mm EX DC OS F 2.8 and would hate to see they will not work with the RP.