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The Hybrid Shooter

The picture style is called Neutral, not Natural, sorry about that. The sharpening issues are not so obvious after the YouTube compression, so it is not that big deal if shoot for YouTube.
Canon G7X Mark III Review: http://bit.ly/CanonG7XIII

CowBoy Marlboro

Hello, how do I choose the camera menu for time laps and slow motion?

Dan The Man

I read that the sensor on this camera is from the Sony RX100 Mark IV...?


is it possible to record while charging? how long can we record for 4k video? is there a limit?

Kai Hendry

I can’t get 100FPS or the level indicator working on mine. Bizarre!

هاشم عدنان

هل متوفرة بالشرق الاوسط


can't wait for the showdown! I got a osmo pocket and was thinking if i should get the g7x mk3 as well?

Scot Smith
Great stuff! I’ve had this camera a few days and think you are spot on! I was most worried about af and while servo is not so quick I am finding the focus working well for me overall in vlog testing and not had the issues I’ve seen many have with this camera. It is also nice to be able to temporarily disable servo af with a tap on the screen. Other reviewers’ issues make me wonder if there are sample variations or just maybe my old, wrinkled face has enough contrast for the camera to lock on 😂4K is… Read more »

Can you review the Sony RX100 V? After VA, they ditched the built-in ND and the aperture is "only" 2.8. So Thats why I think you should review the RX100 V.

Nikk Thompson

What are your thoughts on these 2 new Canon cameras vs Sonys new/old rx cameras?

Asking you just your opinion as even though I've read watched reviews on the cameras, I really admire your honesty and input

Godweeno _

Do you prefer the Panasonic GX9 or the Canon G7X?

Joe Capozziello

Thank You. Great useful info as always!👍🏻📷