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Jianzhi Gary

But these two still can't beat Sony a6000.

Noealz Photo

im a lil full on cameras, but good to know whats coming out : )

vinay nagdev

Is it worth buying g5x ii for street and family photography in comparison to sony rx series?any battery issues? Is this made in?


Contrast autofocus again? Nooooooooo! I have the G7X Mark II and the autofocus sucks!

Ruben lopez

Big fan of your channel, so I’m a Barber and I’m looking to buy a camera to take photos of my work and on occasion do some street photography. Do you have any recommendations on the Fuji line I should get like camera and lens? Or point and shoot from Fuji? Money isn’t the issue I just want to buy something that will fit my needs.

Hussein Kefel

Thanks for this nice review. I would like to see the video quality at day time using the IS and under lowlight capability


🙋🏻‍♀️preordered! cant wait!

Akhyar Rayhka

Canon camera using Sony sensor BRUH.wav


Did anyone noticed that the A camera focus was on the window of the building across the street?

Georges CamerasTV

Who's going to be grabbing one of these cameras?

Andrew also apologies for the out of focus video, he definitely needs Josh to help him film 😂


Since you have mentioned the battery, why you never mention the most important information which is battery life!!

Myra Mod

Any info if there is a record limit in time that you have in G7Xm3. Not mean overheating but if the camera are limited to 15min, 30min or something else?

Fred Pearson

Does anyone use cameras to take photos anymore, or is the world so full of needy attention seeking narcissists trying to grab their 15 minutes of fame that vlogging (or selfies) is the primary function of a camera?

Okaro X

You can also power the camera through the USB. You do not need a separate power adapter like in earlier versions. The YouTube Live streaming is on the G7 Mark III only.

James Lundy

You didn't mention that Canon removed 24P from all video resolutions.

Vincent Vrsn

So if you don't mind the viewfinder and 20mm more zoom g5x have same photo capabilities than g7x, but lack of video feature like mic jack. I'm more into photo than video but for me, on the paper at least, g7x seems to do better at both task, for cheaper. I will wait proper test but I think I made my choice already 🙂

Padid AZG.

Speaking of focusing, during the entire video the focus wasn't on you but on the background. Lol

Rufus Leakin

I don't do much video, mostly stills. I have the original G5X. Will the Digic 8 processor be a significant upgrade from the Digic 7 as far as OIS and low light is concerned? I do like the fact that the focal length has been increased to 120mm without compromising the fast 1.8 — 2.8 lens and that it's more pocketable now.