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Ranger 7 Studios

He should contact DJI and get the permission to use the Osmo Action instead of the go-pro. That will fix their wagon.

Premier Prep

Is there going to be any new cheap things VS. expensive things?

The Tactical Traveler

Good video from you. Dumb idea for Canon. I mean...really dumb.

Brad Poirier – Bear City Impact

Hey Griffin, what inspired you to create the doc on Sriarcha. What I mean is, why did you pick that to spend months on?

I’m an aspiring filmmaker and have an itch to create a documentary myself but unsure of WHAT to document on.

Dumb Ducky

The cannon ivy rec is like a digital disposable camera.

Sam Lee

Glad you answered John Luna's question. You've just helped me make up my mind which gimbal to get between Zhiyun Plus and Zhiyun Weebill.

Chris Mayer

Canon IVY is the dumbest product idea ever! Canon must be desperate!

Bevaun Ragobeer

I was just casually capturing the content you shared Griffin. As for the Market I will be casually visiting it very soon to get me some fruits!

Mario Contino

You're my hero Griffin. The reason I love making videos, and also why I'm making them with a GH5s.
Thanks for continuing to make Indy Mogul special, and for all of the art you create. Cheers sir.

Kylo Salvesen

I'm sorry, but established companies like Canon should gtfo of crowdfunding sites.


What do you think about the nucleus nano — its a thumb wheel plus motor for 229$ — thats buget friendly

Indy Mogul

The IVY REC sounds like a cool idea to make photography more accessible. What do you guys think? Would you get one yourself?


Casual capturing? It sounds like a name of a podcast for romantic/ wedding filmmakers.

MOXIE looks like a great idea with the smartphone controller. However it would be nice to see the price drop. So many amateur film makers complain to me that they just can't afford the equipment to look pro. They work a day job and do this on the side. History teaches us, sell more for less. The reason an ARRI camera and genuine SteadiCams cost so much is because they don't sell millions. Lower the price point and watch how many more you sell.And yes, pro equipment cost much also to restrict the field. But we are depriving ourselves of… Read more »
Jacob Carlson

Griffin, what are your thoughts on the recently announced Sigma FP? It's great to see Sigma reaching out to the filmmaking market with such a small camera, but will it be worth leaving the now-established players like Panasonic, Sony, and Canon?

James Burke

like the idea of a camera with a mission mode for adults.

Ernesto Rodriguez

Welcome back! Thank God. No more bright lights blasting straight to the camera.


I'm still wondering when the Aputure SidusLink app will be released?


Q:"who is this camera for?" A: Fan Boys and their kids.

Apryl’s Page

13 mp on a tiny sensor = grainy pictures. Would def be for 5-8 year olds

Marlowe Holt

Am I the only one who thought the Canon IVY was the size of a USB drive?

Todd White

Hey, tried to get NORDVPN with your code, says it was invalid and the site link above went to an internal 404. :- (

Gokul Kettavan

You can not love Indy Mogul without loving Griffin... <3

Joel Duarte

Who's gonna pay 500 bucksfor that cheap looking follow focus that doesn't even come with the focus wheel when the Tilta Nucleus Nano exists and its only $230 for a pretty awesome system? Some people are nuts...

Allan Lamb
I am surprised how many people are poo pooing this. I think it has a lot of potential. Of course It could well be a complete failure. These things can be difficult to predict. However, there actually are a lot of possible uses for a shock proof, water proof additional camera for your phone, that is controlled from your phone, but that you can place anywhere, and use remotely and separately from your smartphone. This is very cleverly not designed to be competition with smartphones, but to be an addition or extension of your smartphone. And that could potentially sell… Read more »