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indian stereotype

Only and only you I was able to understand I just Canon M50, because of you I came to know much, I don't the other guys weren't speaking english...Any more...

Jonnie Jensen

Wow — this video is amazing. So what I needed to transform my awesome M50 usage. 🙂

Willie StudyYourself

Oh Buddha, Thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, 1000. just got my camera and I wanted to learn how to use and here you, thank you


just got through the first hour of this video, haha! just got my first camera today and trying to learn all these different tools and settings, this is great so thanks!

Richard Beasley

Sorry I'm slow I need it in print, is the download slower?

Beauty By Viv

Thank you so much for all the information! I do have a question though: How on earth do I transfer M50 4K videos to my phone using the app? is it even possible? — Thanks!


44:43 bookmark. I'm going through this very slowly to make sure I understand everything.

Raymond Cunanan

You deserve more than a like and and subscribe. Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge especially for us newbie.

zena robinson

haven't watched yet! i'm dreading it as i'm sure i'll be feeling totally inadequate by the end! actually ... no! looking forward to it! 🙂

Marc Inti

Yeah thanks for your great instructions and also for telling the BS that the M50 is. The 4k on the M50 is junk. A Sony a6300 is a way much better option than this Canon 50M junk. The M50 overheats after 30 minutes and in 4k in about 15 minutes . Canon surely has a great Marketing campaign in Youtube, full of BS


This is the most helpful video I've found so far for this camera! Thank you!

Tim Smith

I just finished your Canon M50 Tutorial. Thank you! I will watch it again and keep learning. I am wondering about using the Canon bluetooth remote for this camera. It seems all of the features are available from the Canon Connect app.

What are your thoughts? Maybe better spent on the small tripod? I also bought the 18-22mm lens you recommended.

Thanks again,


Joyful Astrology

Holy treasure trove of information!! Wow, thank you so much! From a reluctant You-tuber who hates reading instructions as well as being below average remedial in video and photography. That was a lot of information in a way that was digest-able. I seriously want to offer my services should you be interested. I am laughing because my services are unique and a little out there. Check out my channel and contact me if you'd like a reading. You saved me weeks off procrastination and frustration and I'm so grateful 🙂 If not, thanks again!


I bought my M50 a few days ago and still trying to get used to it, mainly for video. One thing that's bugging me is that in manual mode, in low light, when I raise the built in flash it brightens the whole image without adjusting iso, aperture or shutter speed. I would like to understand how it does this when the flash isn't actually firing. It also makes the recorded clip a lot brighter than with the flash closed down. Where in the menu can this be enabled/disabled? Thanks

Roy McDonald

A great tutorial for the M50 I'm learning so much. Thank you for taking the time and posting the video. Great job.

Alexandra Carpintero

Awesome video, Thanks for that! 😁

due nonno

I've been taking pictures with aperture settings lately.
I have a problem.
How do I want to take a picture with different depth of focus in AV or M mode
before pressing the shutter button
the camera in "live view" mode does not show me this effect.
Only after taking a photo I can see this effect.
Is it normal or I have something wrong.

I greet you

Carmen Bramblett
Really! a great job of explaining both camera concepts and the M50 specifically. I knew you were a pro when you pointed out that ISO was not part of exposure. Probably 90 plus percent of the lecturers on you tube put it in the "Exposure Triangle" where it doesn't belong. Also thanks for saying Iso instead of I-S-O. When I listen to people explain elements of photography and constantly call it I-S-O instead of one word "Iso", I immediately tune out everything else they are telling me. Also along the same line, you correctly noted that you are not changing… Read more »
Portugal Paramotor with Mack

A totally fantastic and wonderful video, thank you so VERY much, this has helped me so much, now i'm on my way to Hollywood 😀


Perfect Video, excellent tutorial, Keep it up my good Sir !! 😉


I just receive my order which is the CANON M50. as I receive I don't know how to use and resetting to capture. I'm beginners and this the best I ever seen since I everyday watching reviews 🥰🥰🥰👍👍good job


Excellent tutorial mate. I really learned a lot. It feels i have 10 years experience now after watching this video. 👏👏👏


I just subscribed to your channel. Thank you for the tutorial.


Great work mate, you've helped me out a lot. Thank you.

Radu George

I thought af meant as fu*k and mf motherfu*ker lololoololol

Amardeep Dwivedi

how to turn on canon m50 flash in auto video mode?

Gavin Sparkie Mavic Pro lee

Is everyone who bought the M50 still enjoying it. I'm looking at buying it next week.
It's a toss up with this and the Sony Rx10mk2. The MK2 has a 25 to 300 zoom and is nearly 2 half years old. I really think I'm going to go with the M50.

Ahmed Bicovich

I need to tell you thanks aloooot for this video many thanks

Steve Belinsky
Hello Michael. Thanks for making this content available. I recently purchased an M50 kit for a photography class I'm taking this summer (starts next week). I figured a great place to start to get to know the camera was You Tube and here I am. Well, at about 4min 40sec into your video already I've run into a quandary. The menu on my M50 does not match the menu I see in your video on your M50. Where your's shows 8 different "pages" in the "shoot" (camera icon) section, mine only shows 5. Any idea what the cause of that… Read more »
Simon Holland

Brilliant video 🙂 I think this is the only video on youtube of this length that i've actually watched all the way through!! 😀 I'm fairly new to this so i have a decent understanding when it comes to manual settings but that was learnt through drone photography. This video has given me a better understanding on how to use a non flying camera 😀 😀 I have actually bought the M50 so i'll be referring back to this video probably more than once so thank you for posting :))))

surpise logos

Thank you so much ! it "s so clear that a french speaker like myself can understand !

Lead Guitar Workshop

wow, thank you so much for this video. I just got my M50 and have only gotten thru a couple chapters but it has been so helpful. Thank you!

Alan Stephenson

Thanks so much Michael for this great very informative video,I've such received my M50 so this will help me a great deal.I just put the M50 along side my 760d and the 760d seems huge in comparison 😊

Carl Hopwood

Great Video. Just bought the M50 and this was just what I needed. No gimmicks and a clear understanding of the camera. Really enjoyed it, so much so I've bought the crash course. Cheers Michael.👍


This is the most helpful video I've found so far for this camera! Thank you!


This is the most helpful video I've found so far for this camera! Thank you!


This is the most helpful video I've found so far for this camera! Thank you!