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baraja Gamer

how can i use the options like portait the iso etc. because when i use the arrow it make a zoom help me please

Askak Norhadin

I sub and i left a like :)👌🤘
Giveaway please ... I need a camera like this ...😓 🙂

Chels Beck

Can you tell me what the battery life is like ? I have read other reviews that say it'll only take 160 pictures before dying ... Any help would be appreciated xo

Jay Rutherford

Have you reviewed the Canon Powershot SX620?


Does the camera have image stabilization?

Fishing Frenzy

Do is it have a flip lip screen to look at yourself


Do you think it would be good to get a refurbished version of this camera?

Kevin Breeze

Thanks for watching!

Here's a link to buy the camera on Amazon: http://amzn.to/1WlYeEZ


im seriously surprised by all the questions people keep asking...
seriously its not hard to google this kind of stuff.

Wavy Leon

This camera is way Better then the elph 180 i can see. I need thus

Isaac Ortega

Lol did you shoot this somewhere in phoenix? Probably somewhere by salt river in tempe?


What is the exact frame rate this camera does reacord

Cola Rr

Just bought this for 200 dollars at Walmart!! This seems cool... I didn't even know it did all of this stuff... but bought it thinking it came wit an SD card...😒 I'm so old ...


Quick thing, most people say “C-MOS” rather than “C-M-O-S” sensor. Same deal, it’s like “elf” not “E-L-P-H,” just rolls off the tongue a lot easier.


I ordered it an it will be here september 4th!

Ryan Crossed

He lives in Tempe Arizona I recognize the State Farm buildings

Eliza Bacon

How can I get the macro screen to toggle between the close up mode (the flower) and the A (automatic) mode. Pressing the left side of the button does not result in a change.

Kitdor Blah

Is this better than the 110? In which areas?

La'Shae Lopez

very informative just gone mine... thank you

Wiccan Mohan

Great review I’m planning on buying this camera for my Vlog Video...
Thanks for sharing and awesome review...😎👍


Would you say it needs an external mic or is it good on its own?


How would this compare to the canon vixia hf r80

Bruce McCalley

Very informative and helpful — nicely done. Thank you!

Teezus Verde

just ordered this 📷... can't wait to start vlogging!


Ok so I was planning on covering songs how could this work with a Blue yeti? Any ideas

UFA Bros

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