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Humor with George TV

How's the in camera audio quality for vlogging? Plz reply, I can't get any answers!!!


Hi. Is the video stabilisation good if used for vlogging? Do you vlogging examples with this camera?

Kevin Breeze

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compare this with M3 ...or what you guys think about ? please let me know

cindy chung

Is it worth to buy this if I already have iPhone 7?

Tangychannel 496

What is better this or the cannon sx420


Can i attatch an external microphone pls respond 🙏🏼🙏🏼

2aim Loyal

Great vidieo... can you do a Comparison with the cannon sx60 hs thx

Natalia McAvoy

Please make a comparison video of the 2014 G7X with the SX730. I was just about to get myself a G7X but came across an SX730 ad, and now I am swayed.

Joe B

I need advice. I want a camera that is good in low light with HD quality images and videos for vlogging. I have narrowed my choices down to 4 cameras: 1.Canon — PowerShot SX730 HS 20.3-Megapixel Digital Camera 2. Sony — DSC-HX400 20.4-Megapixel Digital Camera 3. Panasonic — LUMIX DC-ZS70 20.3-Megapixel Digital Camera 4. Canon — PowerShot G9 X Mark II 20.1-Megapixel Digital Camera. Can someone please help? Thanks

Bob Morrison

but no external mic jack..................


Great video. I bought the camera. Would like to see comparison video with g7x.


Just wondering if this camera can shooting some videos like beauty, would it still be nice?


I am considering getting this camera for vlogging, and I have a couple of questions if you wouldn't mind answering when you get the time. I was wondering, how does it do in low light? Also, would you say the on camera microphone is good enough or should I opt for a camera with an external mic option?

Day-Vids Vlogs

I'm looking at this one or the Sony HX80, I want to start vlogging, which one would you go with?

Kyle Mele

Just picked up this camera. The highest setting I seem to be able to shoot in is 1080p 30 fps. How do I get the 60 fps?

Jay Xo

How is this in low lighting? I plan on doing college vlogs with this and sometimes areas can have terrible lighting. I vlog on my 6s+ now so anything is a step up.

Nat B

How does this camera audio do while driving in a car? I have a CoolPix S5300 and the sound distorts so much it is unusable in certain situations (kids yelling, in the car, a little bit of wind). Looking for something for Vlogging and need the sound to be pretty darn good in conditions like a moving car. Would this be a good camera to buy?

Mz Keyz

By any chance are you able to use the flash while recording a video??


Why do you have to fast forward your video? Just play it normal. It's not like it's a long video.

Michelle Higgs

It's only 1080 at 30 frames per second. Where is the 60 frames per second. 🤔

toos Van Gompel

just the proud owner of this camera, but everything accept a prof, what is the most easy for the BEST foto's ever, in 3 weeks I will travel to Scotland and I want to make the most beautiful pictures ever, please if you answer, use easy language at photographie, as I said Iam not a prof 🙂


How about battery life for records videos?


Thanks for the video! I have a question: do you hear the lens moving when you zoom while filming?

Marge Teilhaber
Kevin, a salesperson at Canon referred me to you to learn about this camera. I'm going nuts lately with bad people pictures due to daytime backlighting in sunny rooms. I was told today that the newer cameras have a "back illumination" setting where the background gets muted (presumably that sunny sky behind the glass) so the foreground gets sharper, that this feature is automatic in auto mode. Can you verify this for me? I take mostly people pictures. I pose everyone and retake if the picture stinks. Everyone looks good in my pics because I examine it first and often… Read more »
Anry Gaming

I cant decide between the Nikon A900 and this. 4k is not a necessity for me as I don't want to edit or render in 4k. Any unbiased opinions?


I just ordered the black version for $340 & I bought an SDHC card for it so it was 357 all together, comes with the case, battery charger, battery & the camera its self. So I guess I got a decent deal. Mines will be here in about a week, can’t wait to see what the raw footage looks like on the camera it’s self.

Can this camera be mounted on a tripod? Can an external mic be plugged into it? How is the sound from the built-in mic? I'm considering this camera for some cosplay photos (I am a one woman crew), selfies, and storytime type videos. I have an older more pro camcorder that I use too for videos, but it's not full HD. I want to be able to use both depending on the type of video I'm doing. The most important feature right now is for the images. I like that this one has a self timer and auto focus. I… Read more »
Teddi Penland

You showed the micro usb port and said its for data transferring. Can it also be used for recharging the battery while its in the camera. When you showed what comes in the box I did not see a micro usb cord. Would that need to be purchased separately?

Cesar Ayala

Hello, what about the AF Tracking... Works fine? Thank you

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What editing software did you use