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An Other Wolff

Hey! Your english spell is very funny! 😉
The thing you do is:
you make a Comparison between two bad cameras.
Wich one is more crappy?

Esther Modella

Please do a review about canon 1300d
How to transfer video to iPhone, because it’s not working
Always saying movie format not supported
Please help me

Nur Aini Dwi A

Hi daniel when do u create tutorial photo with m100?

DaMn FaysAL

Which camera is best for blur background?
A.canon 5D mark ii or iii
B.canon 6D or ii
C.Canon 7D or ii
Which one should i have to buy?
Plz answer me

Kimberly Crick Art

Thank you for such a thorough review, I was happy to see this performed well extremely close up for macro mode which you covered at 10:44 I really appreciate you helping me decide 🙂

Nikos Batras

Thanks for the review and for pointing out that the camera lacks panorama mode. It's so important and Canon is just so stupid. There is absolutely no reason to not include this feature which you can find in every mobile phone for the past 10 years. And with a midrange smartphone you can have slow motion, but not with a canon camera which costs 350 dollars (or 350-400 euros). I'll go with a Sony hx60 or hx80. I hope someone from Canon sees that review and that comment.

Onur Halıcıoğlu
Hey man ! Can we take this machine wifi mic? And ı didnt choice my vlog camera i am thinking about G7x and sx740hs. But ı will also take a video and photo in nature, sports or something like action things with best quality. And best part of for this camera that ı am wondering, can ı take a photo macro? Not far away from me ı mean 1 meter to me there is a ant! ı want to take a photo that ant eye! Can ı do this with this machine? This is so important question for me. And… Read more »
Cabin Fever Crochet

Excellent and helpful review. Thank you very much!

Bionica Circuitus

Great job!. The timelapse has a duration limit?. How long the battery in this mode?

Great review, I have the 720 and might upgrade to this to get 4K, lack of panorama mode is no issue, in camera panorama stitching takes time and is never very good, just take a sequence of photos and stick them together in photo stitch of Photoshop gives you much more freedom and will always provide better quality panoramas than using the in camera modes in other cameras.The zoomed shot of the Hollywood sign showed you just how bad air pollution is in LA, quite shocking, thanks for a great review, although I would love to find this camera for… Read more »
KFC Cruiser

Thanks, nice review, it have Time lapse, if not is there another camera in this pocket category that does have Time lapse.

KFC Cruiser

sorry yes it does, just saw the comment that it is limited, How?


After buying two of those cameras, do not get it, both of the cameras the audio was poor and even in daylight the video was poor

Caitlyn Wisher

Imo: panorama sucks. But other than that I truly enjoy my sx740 hs. Great pics great zoom and once spring comes around then I'll be testing out my macro on the camera. I do believe any camera can take a good photo. It's all about the user too.

Epeli R

I was looking at this camera when i was in best buy i kept on using it because it had good quality and it can zoom in from small places.

Joe Framo

I can see that you're an amateur you don't know very much about cameras I could tell the way you handle the camera I watch a lot of YouTube videos on this camera and they come out beautiful especially on the stabilization yeah you got a lot to learn yet buddy

fLoReN BaRbeR

Ive recently bought one for myself and i cant wait to arrive 👍😉

Amir Abdullah

Thanks for the video Daniel, could we Blur the background while recording? And how long can this camera record the video? Thanks in advanced