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Mark Shirley

The 35 and the 24 105 would start me of nicely with the R. I just wish they'd put in 120fps in full HD. I can't find any samples of the 120 — I had heard it wasn't any worse than Sony's because of the quality of the codec.


Have heard you mention vignetting on several videos. Had to look it up, thank you for helping me be a bit brighter !

Dmitry Brodsky

I'd want to know how it autofocuses especially in lower light with RP. Because it is the most logical lens to put on RP for night time shooting. Small and discrete. I also would want to know if EYE AF is effective in lower light on RP, but that's more of a question about RP, not the 35 lens

The Hungry Black Panda

The cheapest at $500...good lord... At 1.8 tho i see it worth every penny... The quality and craftmanship of the lens... Its a good all around lense and lightweight... My 50mm 1.8 was great for all around lens... I dig it

The Mamuchos

This review is pretty good. Love the real life images, great focus as you say. The design is very interesting, especially the front.
We have been doing some research to get a new lens and your reviews are always very helpful. Thank you!

Food Mystery Live

You caught my attention right when you said cheapest 🙈🔥

Carbon Copy

This is probably my first RF lens. Love the 35mm, will pair with an 85mm for a cheap and lightweight portrait setup.


Great lens... especially for street photography!.. rather than a nifty fifty... enexpensive way to up your game in street photography... have you used it with video?

Егор Владимирович

I have one. Dont like it. CA sometimes very disappointing

Life & Times of a MultipleMediaManager™
This is the perfect set up for me, as I shoot quite a bit of street photography and I love 35mm focal length. When I get around to getting my RP, this is the way to go. Having said that, I already have the 35mm 1.4L which I love, so I'll probably just stick with that for a bit. Either that, or I'll get the EF35mm f2.0 IS USM which I previously owned but sold. The problem I can see with the RF lens, is that because it moves, it won't be as stealthy as the EF 35mm in close… Read more »
Subanindro Subanindro

Nice video,best wishes and all the best!

Pogiboy Productions

Hmm $500 is not bad... still pretty expensive for lens I think. But you get what you pay for, nice shots! 👍👍

zeki rami

Great video. I do have sony a7mark3 but iam going to buy this lens with canon r

ping huang

im picking this with the EOS R tomorrow. upgrading from a 5dm3+ 35mm 1.4 sigma art. basically they were just too heavy for me to walk around now. hope this wont disappoint me

The Recipe Journal

Pictures looks amazing. Love the details.
The price is not too bad for the lens. This is pretty cool. Nice review.

Five Minute Sneaker TV

Great review! I don't think I have ever used a 35mm lense on full frame body before. 500 sounds like a great deal to me. I think nikon equivalent lense is 550 or more.

Peter and Yen

35mm f1.8 for $500 is ok not particularly cheap. I don't ever really find the need to use this kinda lens either. But it's nice to see the real world images. Seems the 24-105 still the way to go.

Night Shame

Just a reminder that You are awesome, I plan to play ya on my PC have a nice day 🌺 +1👍 your quality is beautiful

RBG Studios Vlogs

Nice lens and review. Great imagery.


Subbed because you showed the issue with the lens cap. No one else on YouTube said anything about that. Event photography that kind of sucks.

Brent Calver

Hey thanks for the solid vid. Hit the main points – reliability/sharpness/function – and gave real examples that weren't just pics of action figures.

Mister W

This rf 35 , an 50 1.8 and the sigma 85 art 1.4 and i have all I need with my future eos r 🙂

Le Bain

Awesome review Ralph! You're an amazing photographer! The depth of field seems nice on this lens! Seems like a nice lens! Awesome!

feed meimei

omg love how informative your videos are! can't wait to see more from you!

ChocoLate Bunny

Wow! What a review... I love everything... the way you test... Ive learned a lot... I used to use macro before but never tried it outside... now I have a lot of ideas how to use it.

Ema Vane

Hi! im vic’s friend:) To be honest my first DSLR camera is canon. I just got the body of 70D then just brought a 50mm lens. I didnt even know its a fixed lens🤦‍♀️ great review! What camera are you using to film? Looks great.im a fan!

Dan Saghin

how does it compare to the 45mm f1.8 Tamron? Any good for portraiture or events?

Saske Lee

What do you shoot on? do you use LUTS to grade?

Kwon's Corner

Amazing images. I would love to see you vlogging how to take photo well!!!!


역시 따뜻한 느낌의 캐논렌즈 역광에서도 훌륭하네요 렌즈크기도 적당하고

Carbon 6
Hi Hyun. Can you give me any advice about this chose? I’m considering getting the Canon EOS R soon, and I’m not sure if I should get the Canon RF 24-105mm f/4L IS USM or the Sigma 50mm f/1.4 DG HSM A and Canon 16-35mm f/4L IS USM. Now the two lenses are of course a bit more expensive together, but that doesn’t matter too much to me. I’m not sure if I should just get this RF lens or the other two lenses. I’ll mainly use this combination for street- and landscape photography. It really depends on how much… Read more »
Food and Footprints

You got some awesome shots with that lens! Really digging those street shots, especially the signage and the black and white — great stuff

Omama khan Diaries

It seems that you're very interested in camera's well I'm interested too 😁 Nice review 👍 great work . I really like it .

Maria and Nabol - Food & Travel Videos

Beautiful images, Ralph. Would love to have just 1 lens to do everything.