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Nice content and personality. The audio is borderline unbearable though. You're using an external recorder so I don't think it's a capture issue. I'm gonna bet it's something you did in post.

Adam Funk

Also, the video that starts at around 6:10 is just...basically softcore porn.
Not bad to look at, but REALLY unprofessional for a trade show; and kinda shitty to women in cinematography, who already have a hard enough time breaking into such a male-dominated field.


Sony and Panasonic? You don't know what you're talking about. You were going to say Blackmagic.


I mean, that Atlas Orion might arguabily be more interesting than the camera

AM Photography
If you're thinking that you're getting this camera filming for 4000usd there's no way. You should check v-mount battery prices, ssd drive prices, calculate how much more you need to buy hard drives to store all that massive amount of data. Is your editing pc/mac powerful enough, etc. This will shock you if you have used to workflow on your sony mirrorless. And no low light performance in any camera will ever change to mood of your scenes for your liking or lets you control the lighting. Low light performance is nice to have but learning to light your scenes… Read more »
Kevin Johnstone

He doesnt listen too well, buddy mentioned SSD every single time.

Sonny Brown

it's not about low light with production cameras like the RED. They're made to shoot with light. They designed the camera to capture the best images possible WITH lighting because shooting with no or "low" light is for videographers trying to get shots in hallways for interviews or some concert.

Hokage Espada

Wait until you see the Kinfinety Medium Format 8K sensor in 2020. I have a RED Dragon as well as the Blackmagic Pocket 4K. When it comes to noise the BMPCC4K is a monster. However I liked the Cinema DNG option due to the high bitrate over B-Raw especially when doing VFX. Kinefinity is a LOW LIGHT MONSTER!!!!! Especially the 6K LF

Rusty Pietrzak

Premiere does NOT support the Kinefinity .krw codec!

Southern Emperor

I'm still not seeing the overall Megapixels. Or did I miss that. That's important. Right now, in a DSLR...you have Nikon-D850 at 45.7...and the Nikon Z-7...

Original Man Productions

Please stop with the jump cuts

GuGu E. Michaels
People should stop being victims to these camera manufacturers. They sell you specs and force you to buy a new camera every year (which is bullshit)...Listen, use the tools you have and tell your story. Camera doesn't make a movie, the people behind the camera make movies or create content. I've own my BMD Ursa mini 4.6K for 3 years and I refuse to buy the new Ursa Pro G2, and next year they'll put out Ursa Mini Pro G3. Fuck that...drop another $6K? Why? Because it's new, so I can say I own the new camera. Bump that! I… Read more »
Mark Job

I'm seriously thinking of buying into the Terra 4K. @$3,999.00 USD with those kind of specs this system looks really attractive ! Is there any Kinefinity dealer in Canada yet ?

Cameron Fischer

Producers used to use the Red One years ago, that camera is buggy AF.


weldone guy...
first seen som1 that looks like us at NAB...


It's not the specs that surprise me about Kinefinity. The image quality is weird, the way it handles gradients & textures is stunning. It's smooth yet detailed. Weird combo.


The other cinema cameras offer a angled XLR module while Kinifinity sits square. Of course this is not a major inconvenience, but it doesn't seem like it would be that difficulty to move these plugs to a more convenient 45 degree angel off the rear like the others.

James Mathews

By the time you add the necessary kit items to the Mavo, you could own two Ursa Mini Pros.

Tarquin B

What I find crazy is people talking about cameras that are great in low light , we have been making great low light films since 1950 , it’s all about lighting

Extraterrestrial Films

yep, definitely selling my 5D mark iv for this


Great vid but jeez chill with the jump cut chopping edits bud

Scott Balkum

It is a great start but it is very far from a Red killer.

Santanu C

Not all three cameras have dual native ISO, specially the Mavo S35 one.


This guy has obviously never shot with the RED Gemini or Monstro. The low light ability of the Gemini is absolutely amazing.


seriously no one gives af if it's 12K 240fps, if dynamic range and bit rate suck, the most important point missing in this video. having 14/16 bit and 16 or more stops of DR allow you to color grade way beyond limits up to completely changing every color without footage falling apart. That's why expensive cameras are expensive. Those cameras seem to have decent codec, but nothing really spectacular for this price.

Iconic Motion Pictures

They fail with cinema DNG. I’ve been using that with my fs700 it is a nightmare. I don’t even want to shoot RAW because it’s such crap.


You guys as well as RED are smoking crack! I'll just buy 10 BlackMagic pc4k's and look just as good if not better.

Mo Khayat

Why is it the technical reason that these Kinefinity cameras can't integrate autofocus?


6:12 Sorry, I got uh... distracted... Could you repeat that?

Eduardo Aguiar

Been looking at this company for sometime, the only think that stops me from buying is the service. Did you asked him about US sales and service?

ron ron

For FF 4K/6K still expensive even it cheaper than Arri or Red did. Does it global shutter sensor or regular cmos sensor? Could it take raw video like LF series like Arri did?

Adam Funk

I appreciate that he gave credit to Philip Bloom's video, which is indeed how most of us came to know about the camera.