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Jim M

I’ve been using my Nikon 55 / f1.2 for years. So I’m not blown away learning that Sony finally has one.

Tommy Angeles

Having bad right eye... Not really easy to shoot using left eye... Not sure why camera manufacturers don't make body that accommodate both eye... 📸📸📸🤔🤔🤔👁️‍🗨️👁️‍🗨️👁️‍🗨️

Steven Johnson

Why do the idiots up and down this thread love the "L-Mount Alliance" thing Fro does. One dude said he can now sleep well tonight because of it. Perhaps these people mothers were raging alcoholics when they were in the womb.

Lapse Time

15 stops of dynamic range is for still only.

Marwèn Bacha

900$ is it worth it ?
Panasonic Lumix GX9 Hybrid Pack Silver + G Vario Lens 12-32 mm f / 3.5-5.6 Asph. Mega O.I.S. + G Vario lens 35-100 mm f / 4.0-5.6 Asph. Mega O.I.S. + Lens G 25 mm f / 1.7 Asph. + 16GB SD Memory Card


Sigma went with 45mm to try to throw people off the fact that you can get 50mm f/1.8 lenses for $200. If the made a 50mm f/2.8 "beginner" lens for $550 people would immediately make the connection and scoff at them for being so mentally handicapped. But make it 45mm and all of a sudden people are like, "whoa, it's 45mm, it's special, see it even costs more", etc. People are dumb.

Andrew Malary

Ill believe those specs on the sigma when we really see them!

GSC Network

5:20 jajaja, pretending to be that wanker photographer that uses sony holding the camera like that!!! GOLD!!!!!!!

Matthew Wells

This whole L Mount Alliance joke was done to death 6 times over in the Raw Talk video long ago. Give it up already! It just makes me turn whatever video you use it in now off.

Christos Phillippou
I am sick and tired of hearing how "Great" the "new" Sony camera is, and every year the new iteration comes proving that the previous "Great" one was not so great after all !!!! What's so great about a crippled video (no 4k/@ 60 fps), crippled high frame ( 12 bit @ 10 FPS instead of 14 and crippled evf), and crippled stupid menus and a crippled LCD screen (No Touch)? !! Oh but wait...the A7 R V will be coming next summer so I think I will wait and see if they manage to produce something dissent, after all… Read more »

I am waiting for a Tamron 24-70 2.8 for the sony and then I will switch. @tamron hurry the fuck up

Kaki Chaitanya Deep

Jared, Can you make a review on sigma 35mm f/1.2?

Ken Konard

After viewing this, I am going to throw all six Nikon cameras and 18 Nikon lenses into the sea. 😱


f1.2............ great!............. but what is the actual t stop?


Hey Sony, why no M-raw/S-raw? Jeeeeeeeeez What were they thinking? Even the 6 year old 5Dr had that.
Nice new microphone they introduced with the A7rIV, oh what's this, it is NOT a video camera.

josh bentley83

Dirty Deeds clip. I think everybody is over the camera lust. It’s a great camera though.

sey 30 Spyderco


Josh Marx

I am just now learning about cameras and wow love your channel.

Robert Bratu

LLLL MOUNT ALLIANCEEEE!!! is pretty much the only reason to watch and rewatch these episodes. 😁

jay r

Sony surpassed canon and Nikon a long time ago! I was told by a Sony shooter they were number one. I smirked like yeah sure canon or Nikon! Nope fast forward 8 years later I left canon for Sony. Focusing system is top notch plus ibis!

Richard Mauro Ricchiuti

These videos are difficult to view.

Thomas Torodo

A7R IV is there to kill Canon/Nikon DSLRs and newborn MLs


Your information is great but why must you be such a hot dog?

Ian Whitesel

Anyone else not use their viewfinder when taking pictures?

Hector Rivera

Not so fast pal !! Nikon rumored to have a monster coming

Prashant Patel

Thank you. Your humour is so good. Am gonna get the A7R4 as was a Canon guy till date. May as well pick up 14-24 Sigma for my Astro.


Like all Canadians desperate for attention from 'Merica, I appreciate the call outs on price and mockery 🙂