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Pete Miller

What selfi-stick/gimbal (like) mount were you using for the DJI Osmo Action??


you will do yourself an injury jumping about like that with skinny jeans on at your age 😉 lol

Mike Roche Studios

Glad to see you got one Colin. Looks like real competition for the GoPro.

sean scott

How’s the audio? That was one of go pros big new selling points on the 7, audio was finally useable for vlog/basic vids. Definitely getting myself one!

Stingray Aerial Solutions

Just me or did it look like a lot of motion blur?

Brian Montgomery

I like that there is just one version to choose from.

Julian Wietoska

Osmo action is the biggest shit i've ever seen

Sterling Williams

Great video Colin 👍🏻
Curious, I bought the SmoothQ Gimbal for my iPhone a year ago for just $139 (noticed only $99 now days) and is an amazing stabilizer, though it doesn’t do HD of course since it’s iPhone captures but is great quality footage

Kiki Tay

Wished the video was in at least 30fps instead of 24fps... :- (

Ron Cockerham

Deal breaker = HDR disables EIS stabilization.


Tapping the button and holding it down are two different things. You have to hold down   the button to switch the screens.

RDS Photography

Looks very nice and has, it appears, industry leading features. But, for my purposes, travel and family video applications are best served by the OSMO Pocket. The Pocket’s low profile is VERY inconspicuous, it is easy to carry in your pocket, and it starts up VERY quickly. I would guess that for such activities as kayaking, biking, skiing, and sailing, the Action would be an easy decision.


Hi we designed several accessories for osmo action,would you like to try?