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Does it balance the Sony a7III with 16-35gm? or even the tamron 28-75?

Spencer W. Zachary

Can you put an RC2 quick release system on it?

Love this video man!!You see I know that Ronin S had 2 kits also (Ronin-S Standard Kit Vs. Ronin-SEssential Kit). I don't know if you got to use the Focus wheel in the Ronin S STANDARD Kit... One question that I have been having is about the 2 packages/kits, that Ronin SC comes in: Ronins SC (Pro Combo package) Vs. Ronins SC (regular package). I am wondering what your opinion is about the functionality/usability of the Focus Wheel on the Ronins SC (Pro Combo package). Does the focuse wheel work as you expected it? Is it worth it to buy… Read more »
Harley Pan

Dan,...I came here to hear your thoughts on Active Track 3.0... could you do a part-2? that's the only feature I care...

Robert Floyd

Hi Dan. New viewer here. Sorry to bother you, but what is the camera bag you are using at minute 4:27. I didn't see it in your equipment list. Thank you in advance!

Juston Brazda

Does it support an a7iii with a 16-35gm?

John Spirou

Is there any better but smaller gimbal for small mirrorless?

Kat E

That's why I got the weebill and I'm pretty happy with it

Crappie Bandit

New sub hear what’s ur opinion on mounting an 80d?

Phil Jones65

I see the Dan Watson marketing machine is in full swing. FCA rules require a disclaimer on videos with sent products did I miss that?

Matt Mawson

Hi can you change the battery on a Sony camera whilst attached to the gimbal

Attila Daniel

Hi Dan, what do you think would be the maximum weight that the Ronin SC can handle? Still good with the A7iii + 24-105G? Thanks.

Paul Feinberg

I see you are using a Tamron 17-28mm on that...waiting for my 17-28mm to ship. I am guessing the Tamron 28-75mm also works well with this gimbal?

Sung Kim

hey dan, great job my man

i was wondering, do you think this oculd balance the sony a7iii with the sony 16-35 gm lens? (including undersling mode)

i have the ronin s but its so heavy after a long wedding day

Gajan Balan

Nice work dude! I don’t know how you got this done while we had breakfast together, but you’re good! 😂

Luiz Arroyo

Hi Dan, do you thing the SC would be able to balance a Z7/Z6 with the 14-30 f/4 or 24-70 f/4? (Those are my primary setups for video)

Noealz Photo

I much prefer to travel much lighter and shoot on the go so this is nice

Desmond H

So a first time gimbal buyer trying to go from now a professional photographer to a hybrid photographer/videographer, all of all the gimbals out there, which ones do you recommend the most? I really want to get into videography now but I want to get the best one I can get without breaking the bank lol btw I’m loving all your content Dan, been a big fan for over a year now!

Wilson Flyer

Not much incentive on price to convert us S owners who need something smaller and lighter. There are consistently sales on the S that bring it in line with this price. Hopefully, the SC will soon follow suit, otherwise; no go for me. I'll live with what I have. I would bet there will be feature set FW upgrades to bring the flagship in line with the SC very soon anyway, so the weight loss here is really all we're paying for.


Ronin-S has been a very reliable tool for me. I wish they would add a way to lock the arms to keep from swinging when not in use or during transport (like Moza Air). This is also more an issue because I hate breaking it down to fit the case. It takes too long to setup when having to do run and gun shoots. I use a slip soft padded case to transport. Wish DJI had a better solution for this.

Paris Weather Today

Hello! thats impressive review that I wanted. I just have one question. Is it support Tamron 28-75 & A7m3 with all zoom ranges?
Cause I was looking for Zhiyoon Weebill lab, But it couldnt support it.
I will wait for your answer 🙂
By the way, thanks to you Ronin-SC is on the way to my home already👍🏻

Mike Thezier

How does this compare to the Moza Air 2?

Adam Jr. Boridas

i need to review my ronin sc. TAGALOG version! pls visit my channel for cinematic vlogs...events etc

Jack Ü

Not related but I need some help choosing a camera. I'm more of a nature person so I really love landscape and wildlife photography. What are some good cameras? Preferably Nikon, not too advanced but also not beginner!

Pat Google

The woman running on the beach was awesome

Lincoln Meikle

Will it work with a 24-70 Sony G master?

Automation Professionals

I am having A6400 + small rig cage + sigma 16mm
I was going for crane 3 and then stopped thinking about Ronin SC ...Does it fit me?
For one choice without considering the portability >>>> Ronin SC or Crane 3

Rob Lewis

Thanks for the review. How do I set up "lock mode"? Thanks.


Hi , will that ronin work with canon 750 d ? Thanks

Shyne On Sites

Does any one of you vloggers own the 24mm G-Master?


Great review of the Ronin-SC! I'm wondering about using non-compatible mirrorless cameras with it.

Two of the compatible cameras that work with the Ronin-SC are the Canon EOS R and EOS M50. What if you use a "non compatible”, yet similar camera with the gimbal?

For example, I have the Canon EOS M6 (somewhat similar to the M50). Size and weight wise, it should fit nicely with the Ronin-SC. I just wonder what sort of issues would arise when using something non-compatible.

Rafael Paz

Does it balance the 16-35m? Can you please tell that?


Im wondering when companies start place motor on left side ... not right , many ppl would prefer operating camera on gimbal normally than having free space for hdmi. & Also wondering when manufactures of cameras will start placing connectors on batter place of camera than left side ... 😀 so many wishes from me sorry 🙂

DomeNico Castrignano

With tamron 28-75.
Can I balance it at @50 and then change zoom ranges during recording ?

Hengwei Zhang

can a nikon d850 with a small 33m lens that weigh about 1.8 kg fit on this new gimble and not block the gimbal while tilting??

Gerald Lizardo

what about lower shots with a 24-70mm sony lens (with a sonya7iii) ? can this gimbal handle it? because I know the gimbal can handle this camera with the 24-70 lens for normal and regular shots, but dont know for lower shots

Charles Miner

I’m frustrated with the active track. I wish it worked the same way as with the mavic. I want it to track myself but i can’t be behind the camera and in frame at the same time.


will this accommodate 80d with 18-135 please ?

Andrea Mastrilli

Hi Dan...the plate is compatible with the 502hd manfrotto head

Subir Thapa

Hi Dan, Does this sc has the Timelapse feature like the Ronin S and what are the major differences apart from the load it carries?

Cellar Door
Props on probably being the only person to mention that they moved the roll axis balancing to the camera plate section. That will probably be a problem for me since I use an Arca Swiss QR system on there and I can see needing more adjustment on the roll axis. Once the camera is shifted all the way to the right as it hits the motor, there's no more room left to adjust. Weird design decision, seems to be more for aesthetics rather than functionality. Also kind of surprised on the payload capacity. Weebill Lab, Crane Pluz, Moza Aircross 2… Read more »