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Dennis Chui

Do you prefer this or Moza Aircross for travel?


if the camera can control the lens focusing......I don't understand why gimbals can't control focus digitally if connected to the camera. Why do we even need a focus motor attachment?

Simeon Kolev

The best gimbal reviews!!! As always 🙂

yafet geberezgi

force mobo is it available in ronin S

J. O. O.

Cool. Are you still in Seville. Alameda. The first street in this video is a seedy area with prostitutes in the first floor of those buildings.

Vidyograf's Journeys

Isn’t the rolling shot mode included at ronin sc ?

Brendan McCarthy

No biased opinion with some fancy b-roll just to try and sell the product — nice review

Jonathan Paul

Hey Brandon! What are your thoughts on the Icecam Tiny 3 Ultravision? I spotted it in one of your videos, ordered it online and am waiting for it to arrive but would still love your input on it!


Great review, thanks. I have a question about focusing. I have a Panasonic GH5 with Lumix lenses (12-35 and 35-100). Do I need the focus wheel and motor to focus these lenses or is there a function on the Ronin-SC that does that over the control cable? Thanks for any advice.

Wilson Amaya

It’s a little bit hard to maintain frame and follow subjects with ronin s. Could you
Put into ur list a tutorial on tips modes would be nice.


I would have had asked for a longer rear arm so you can use slightly longer lenses... GH5/SB/sigma 18-35 is a classic combo but it doesn't look like it'll balance... 😞

Panda Portraits

I just love how Brandon shoots SONY, but does us Canon users a favour by switching off steady shot so we can see what how non IBIS cameras will perform

Jonathan Nape

Haha i love all your video...
And i even love filming...
I don't have cameras so i used my phone...

bluesanyu Films

Connecting two phones... That is so cool!!!

Video & Art

noone of the testers have shown us if there is any way to attach a field monitor or an external recorder in this gimbal. Can you use a mobile phone as an external monitor without extra equipment ?

Sweet Sour Travel

Another great and useful review. Keep it ronning 😊

Skye Giebink

Brandon, if you balance the 24-105 at 50mm with a variable ND attached, would it still have clearance with the eyepiece attached? I'd likely use a Manfrotto RC2 quick release instead of the riser plate. Thanks!


I really want to buy it but what if with my configuration the camera hits the arm? how can I know if this will happen? 🙁

Stephane Gregory Dan

You are in la alameda, sevilla. Very nice place. Interview people about this place they will tell you some interesting stories from before it was paved and they built the police department there. Those were great times.

Breathe Pixels

Question. How do you pack and travel with ronin-sc during air travel? Is the case hand carry on its own or can it be squeezed in a larger backpack? Tips? Thanks.

Sandra Williams

Would a canon 60d or 80d be too heavy for this?


is it worth it to upgrade from crane2 if I use only mirrorless ?

Prudhvi Raj K

I watched several give always . This is great. Would like to be a part of its giveaway

Automation Professionals

I am having A6400 + small rig cage + sigma 16mm
I was going for crane 3 and then stopped thinking about Ronin SC ...Does it fit me?
For one choice without considering the portability >>>> Ronin SC or Crane 3

Ken Lawson

I just got this in, a real dud, no compatible wires. Took 3 hours to set up, does not work either , fuzzy video

Bob C

I would be interested in buying the Ronin SC, but DJI doesn't have an app for android phones. That's a deal breaker for me. The gimbal is exclusively for IOS owners. I would never own an Apple product. The Ronin SC is just another proprietary Apple product (appliance), IMO. That is unfortunate because I was all geared up to purchase the Ronin SC until I found out it requires an Apple phone to work at all. DJI seems to be very short sighted. Good review. Thanks.

Love Bachata

Stupid question but can you lock axes? Like a tilt-lock mode? Is that just a combination of motor settings?

Pinoy Public Pranks

I think mounting a6500 would be great since the view finder is on the left side of the camera.


Gimbal guru when u run it looks on camera as if your drove 👏🏼 love it

Brandon Li

I forgot to mention the axis locks. You can lock all 3 axis for easy travel. And you can remove the handle.


Can I put a canon 77d with sigma 17-50 f 2.8 on it?

Giobunny Tech

Good stuff! I actually thought about the pro version. I have canon rebel not sure if it would work for me?

ZpG Killua

i thought there is a mode for you to do motion timelapse


What an amazing review! Totally helped my decision of buying it instead the Ronin S with Sony a7iii + 24-105mm set up! Thanks!

Sen Photography

Great review... Is that any prob with Sony 24-105 lens? Can we use this lens?? Any issues?

Sahil Atre

Hey Brandon which gimbal is best in stabilisation and smoothness not considering weight and other gimmicky features.

Mark Robinson

What one did you like more? Because I'm torn between this and the weebill lab


Would love this for my video's. Budget wise a better option since I use the Sony A7sII

Kevin Terrelonge

Hi, what the biggest lens you could use with Sony A73 with this gimbal ?


Nice, appreciate that You didn't use slow mo and post stabilisation like other youtubers and just showed us Raw results