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Rudi Zimmerer

if I see the very exposed EVF from the M6, — sorry that can break easily, it is B. S... Get the Sony a 6400 or a Fuji (even with 2 Sd cards)...

Lo Sac

That video quality doesn't look like 4K .Canon is still labeling 2K --> 4K


What i can't understand about the 90D is why does the mirrorless camera have features that is does not? Why can't I add the same electronic viewfinder for example? Flip the mirror up into live view and it's a mirrorless camera...

Carive Productions

Great review but maybe next time do it away from the loud noises...made it difficult to watch this

Christopher Pack Art

If you could merge those two together you might have a good camera.

Peter Foote Photography .com

Kerry needs to be a regular


No camera reviews are enough without DPReview. It's Just Awesome.

Peter Ebel

Next twin: EOS 1DX III & EOS R professional specs.
Ready to shoot Olympic Games Tokyo 2020.


Modular built-in flash — remove flash module and place viewfinder module in the socket near the hotshoe. So, hotshoe will be available with installed EVF on the hole of built-in flash.

Tom Albrecht

What did you think of the low light performance, video and photography modes on both cameras?

Hugh Sweeney

Nice to see a woman with her eyebrows in the right position for once. #ThatModelThough

Adam B

no 1080/120p ? i've read this two cams have it.

Ariel Glaze

First good photo I’ve seen Chris capture... ever.

Alex K

intesting how as canon get more technological with their cameras their menu system goes backwards, maybe Sony doesn't have a bad menu system, a difficult menu system is a by produxt of more tech crammed cameras

almonious Or

at some point,the constant jabbing makes Carey sound a bit insecure ...

Thomas Wedding Cinema

Canon's like that kid you grew up with who couldn't quite get it together as an adult and you slowly drifted apart.


Very 'interesting' e-stabilisation at 1:03 lol!

Jerry Suppan

I noticed a Canon EF-S 17-55mm lens was used in the still shot (6m06s) docked to the M6 Mark II body. Is there some sort of adapter which allows EF-mount lenses to be used on the M-Mount M6 Mark II body?


Come on Chris, you can't even pronounce Turismo properly!

Symon Says TV

No 24p in 4K!!! Canon keeps on frustrating me big time. It shows me they don’t wanna sell cameras anymore. I’m glad I don’t have to change my 80D yet, but If I did, I would definitely jump off the Canon ship.

Sebastian Palmay

So I wonder which one would be better for wildlife bird photography?! 🤦🏻‍♂️

GrumpyMan's REVIEWS

The starting was crazy I can’t stop laughing because I’m turning 40 this year too the Canon 90D video quality is awesome that’s what I’m going for


Help me polarize, help me polarize, Help me...down !

Dean Lopez

I went to a camera store to take a look at some of these "smaller" mirrorless cameras... Let's just say I don't give one flip about smaller anymore. I mean if you got tiny girl hands, ya you'll probably like the smaller body cameras, but I need the bigger grip like my 70D (and the new 90D) DSLR gives. The size and weight of the camera body is now officially the lamest criteria for choosing a camera in my book, as far as the "smaller is better" argument goes. LOL


I got educated on the differences but now I am unable to choose.

Dennis Kapatos

These are great entries but there's at least a couple huge downers: 1) the 4K is actually upscaled 1080 which explains why it's not sharp 2) these are both mounts with questionable futures in the long term. EF and EF-S are being replaced by RF and EF-M is a dead-end mount with no path to full frame. Canon has too many mounts so the future is very uncertain.

Jon Photo

A new DLSR? Woah, it's like Jurassic Park for cameras!

prabhat thakur

Dude, where is video test...man


So when is Canon going to release a new camera? Nothing new since 2016.

Jared Isham

Yeah, gonna pass. Why do they try so hard to get rid of 23.98fps. wouldn't be able to use the camera for video.

George Morozov

4:37 Jared Polin get his second of video here =__=


Every time Canon releases a new camera, I always wonder what video feature they'll sabotage. This time it's the lack of 24p that kills it as a viable DSLR filmmaking camera. US distributors and major festivals won't accept a 25p or 30p film. Shaking my head.

Matthew Yeung

On the Canon USA website, on the specs it states both the 90D and M6 Mark II can output 10-bit 4:2:2 over HDMI? Could you guys confirm this? I didn’t see this mentioned elsewhere.