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Supreet Singh

The camera hardware on Pixel 3 and 3a is NOT the same. 3a does not have the ultra-wide selfie camera, which I use all the time. Also, this was more of a “how I use the pixel” rather than a real review — needed more objective comparisons.

William McCarthy

What city was this recorded at? Looks wonderful.

Matthew Patterson

Brilliant video. Great to see the Pixel cameras still being appreciated for what they are. Though, I wouldn't mind a fishing documentary featuring Chris? Hah.

motogp win

I could hear your heart beat throughout the video

Jo Neu

What a wonderful pice of landscape! Must has been a fun and relaxing trip.

Inquisitve m

pixel 3a has better video than 3...btw, a tip is use night sight even in daytime. i also bought a used 2XL for just the camera. Use it for photos and video as extra camera while my 3a is a daily phone. My 3a was a great deal from Google where i basically ended up paying only $100 during the promo period.

Sandy Sandy

@Chris and @Jordon, have you guys tried using an App to improve the VIDEO quality on the Pixel? You could get much better video quality, tuna the stock Android one on the Pixel without any app.


Nice but just expecting the Yongnuo YN450 Android camera release in August. Hope, the bigger sensor will show something better.

Okka Yossie

I am looking from Japan, I can not display the automatic translation.

Jit Kapur

Thanks for this grerat review. I have the Pixel 3, and I am absolutley enjoying it. I do take out the Sony RX100 for many types of shots. Technology is getting better pretty fast!


Pls review the xperia xz2 premium and xperia 1 pls.

Dexter Legaspi

what is up with the color grading in this video (more obvious @ 5:00) the greens are too unnatural.


their computational photog algorithms are great but why don't they automatically switch to night sight or portrait based on the situtation it seems pretty easy to detect and is a pain in the a... for the final user to manually switch to night sight or portrait before taking a photo ( let people switch to manual if they want more control but in 80% use case it should be automated).

Ted Thomas

The phones of 2029 are going to be insane.


I’ve just found recently a great article about computational photography. Easy explanation of complex things. https://vas3k.com/blog/computational_photography/

The RaRa85

But no pro mode for users that want to have some input in the image taking process. Relying on third party apps is a gamble that doesn't always pay off but is great when it does.


Pixel 3A XL or Pixel 2 XL which one better ?


Best pixel 3 camera review by far. Hopefully same results as pixel 3a

Steve Tomko

Would love to see a review for decent cameras for kids under 10 years old. Too many stories of generational photographers having very early experiences with a camera that has ignited a life-long passion. I would love for my son to get involved (he has taken a fascination in the hobby, probably because I have). Would love to see admirable cameras in a sub-$200 price range. I'd imagine you could choose any respectable point and shoot, but perhaps maybe in the context of little hands and little minds.

İbrahim Atakan Kubilay

Hi guys, great reviews, really appreciate your work starting from before dpr. I was wondering if you could make an updated video on log videos (I know the pre-dpr one and liked it very much) incorporating some of the objections of using log in some situations, and another video on gimbal rigs? I think that would be great video starter tutorials. Best regards, keep 'em coming.

ken masters

Exciting times! Can't wait to see smartphones eventually take over amateur, semi-pro photography/videography !


love the video! but still, nothing on the Nikon 14-30? still??

Nishanth S G

Best Mobile camera review from the best camera reviewer... Please keep reviewing the best Mobile cameras... I appreciate your effort


The main reason I won't buy a Pixel is because the image is square. I am currently GCAM on my LG V35 and really do think Night Sight is a fantastic feature.

Rob K

There's actually a legitimately good reason to choose Apple? Huh...

Jeremy D

The Pixel 3A doesn't appear to have the 19mm lens...


Great review Chris! I just got my Pixel 3A and tested it in 2 motorbike trips in France and Tuscany: I loved it!

Andrew Wells

Great takes and nice muting of the traditional photo geek sneer at smartphone cameras... I love my Leica but I've got a phone in my pocket (used to be a Pixel but now a Huawei) more often... and to have devices that approach and sometimes surpass traditional dedicated camera capabilities can only be welcomed...

David Schmetzer

Or wait some month and get the Pixel4.


Why are you comparing Pixel to iPhone phones when we know that S10 and P3 Pro have far better cameras.

When you say more natural looking, you mean over contrast street photography look.The pixel takes very good photos, I wouldn't classify them as natural looking, more stylistic, lots of pop. Night sight and the super res zoom sensor shift tech are very good too. It does feel like a 5 axis camera with an incredible dynamic range.I would say pixel takes better photos than most compact cameras and most cameras without retouching, their style is very good, I prefer a flatter look though, which looks more real on a big screen with hdr. All the contrast makes the photos look… Read more »