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David MacDougall

It would be interesting to see a comparison of the A6100 to the A6000 for photo and to the A6300 for video.

CY Lok

Confusing model number as always by Sony... Now 6100 and 6600. Now I don't know which is mew


I think the most significant takeaway from this event/release......is that Sony wants us to go full frame.

Anton Markin

We need comparison XT3 + 16-55 f2.8 with the newcomer

Clarence Li

Will sigma 16mm and 56mm 1.4 lens take advantage of the a6100 autofocus capabilities and speed? Please check this in your review. Also can you do a side by side of the color science difference you mentioned in between the 6100 and 6000?


Poor effort Sony. In a time where everyone else goes 10-Bit and RAW, no HEVC, old menus, no varND, nothing new here, moving on, waiting for A7Siii better deliver. Looks like releasing bodies is faster than fixing firmware. so sad.

Gary Box

As a former a6000 owner and current a7iii owner I can't see the sense of the a6600 at the price. Sony neglected their apsc lenses for too long. The a6100 sounds tempting as a second body. I'd forgive the lower resolution evf to save that sort of money.


I'm curious to see how the noise stacks up against the old models and the XT-3. Sony could've put something earth shattering out but APS-C was never their at the top of their list. Fuji makes a good product but realistically it doesn't compete against the full frame market, it's a niche market


Man — I will be tempted by an A7Mk4, especially if they up the MP on it slightly. If it were around 36Mp that would be perfect!


instead of whining, why not do an actual review and show how its IBIS performs and video/image samples? there are already 1000 or so videos of people crying. time for an actual review.

Joey Hoogendoorn

That mini-bar looks like the hotel rooms in The James Nomad in NY.

Photo Gear Fun

Love the spit take always a crowd pleaser! Looking forward to seeing more about these on your channel. Cheers.

Kenni Arngrimsen

A6600 vs. X-T3 ... IBIS and Z-battery vs. W126s battery
And a more compact 16-55mm f/2,8 to match it with.

yeah the X-T3 is hands down better 😀

Tyson Wright

The A6600 is going to be a great all round and travel camera for me. The good iso, eye AF, good battery life, SD cards easy to buy, and I can use my old NEX5R e mount glass till I can afford better G glass.
Canon as usual left behind...

Melmacian Dissenter
I still use my original NEX-5 from 2010 (it has a 3D photo mode), and my NEX-5R from 2012 is still my main camera ! It has a touchscreen and tracking in video. I hope someday Sony will come up with a NEX-5R2 with the latest sensor/autofocus and IBIS to use with my old Canon FD lenses and the Speedbooster. The EVF is entirely pointless to me, and I refuse to pay an additional $250 for that bulky feature.I'm willing to pay $750 "body only" for that NEX-5R2 without an EVF (but with IBIS !) ... So Sony, if you… Read more »
Muhammad Kharismawan

2 new G lens is basically Sony prepping up for an A7000 release. Hopefully.

Richard Crowe

The A6600 + Sony 16-55mm f/2.8 (non stabilized and quality unknown) combined run about $2800 (all prices in U.S. Dollars) while the A7iii + the Tamron 28-75mm f/2.8 lens run about the same. Which would you rather shoot with? I use a Meike battery grip on my A6400 ($80) and get the same battery life (using a pair of batteries) plus I get a vertical shutter button. IMO the A6400 at $900 gives better value than the $750 A6100...
Let's face it... These are the features that Sony should have included in the A6400!


"Flagship"...no 4k60, no new sensor, no new body, no uhs2, priced too close to a7iii


Richard Buttler at end on video said A7iii does not have real time eye AF, I thought that a7iii does now with the 3.0 update. Can someone help answer this.


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The Replay

In my opinion, Sony is just better off sticking to FF. Everyone seems to understand that their APS-C line, with the launch of these two new cameras, is the practically the same with a few minor upgrades to each one.

When your flagship APSC camera with a lens is reaching FF territory , in terms of price point , you're left scratching your head as to what Sony is doing in the APSC department.

Akim John Baptist

your intro music is actually the music from stick skater the iphone app

Vicente Schmitt

Yet another set of half updates from Sony... next year they bring the 26mp sensor for their “brand new camera”

#85filmz #85filmz

Hopeful that the a7ii get it in a update

Lothar Joseph

Can we say sony A6600 better than canon M6II...for both purpose photography & vlogging?

Victor Shikhman

Has the A73 not gotten the latest Eye AF updates?


Why is Sony purposely crippling their cameras? The lack of 4k60 doesn't make any sense.


A6100 is basically like 6400 without weather sealing and has worse evf? Seems useless to have both in their lineup.

Lola S

I'm interested in buying a camera with all the same features as a a6600 but below $1000, any recommendations? (Not including a6400 because I want IBIS)

An Addict with a Lens

I was rather surprised by the lack luster design of the a6600. The new battery and improved AF is good, but I expected them to make a true high end APSC camera. As a Fujifilm user, I was hoping Sony to push the market further, but the X-T3 still seems generally superior.


ahahahhahaha talking about color science in jpegs. Are you OK?

Alim ZazaZ

I bet they have a stacked crop sensor in their inventory already, for some reason they just don't want to put it in new cameras.

Bk Engineer

Am I only one thinking that the only MAJOR difference between the A6100 and the A6600 is the IBIS and for that the price tag is $700 more?? Is IBIS that complicated ???

Isaac Bulatao

Chris aka spitfire...
For every intro... Lol

The Beard Dream

Should I sell my a6400 and buy the a6600? I’m taking a vote. 🗳 📷


They're really trying hard to find something positive about those 2 cameras.
Vlogging? How many people vlog out there?