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Tyler DeMamiel

I put it on and it doesnt do shit😂 Just makes a fan noise and doesnt connect to shit.

Richard Ahlers

I just paid 33.99 on Amazon 3 days ago

Getachew Yirga

I got mine for $27 from Essential online store (with fast shipping).

Jason Barnes

Good show and tell. Much better if sample photos and videos are shown. How long the phone battery lasted and what options it came with or not. Just a suggestion.


$5 for a camera case, $19 for the 360 camera. On Essential official webstore.

Wayne Rhea

You can pick one up for 19 dollars on essentials we site.

Nexxo Exxon

It was on sale at the store for $40 yesterday and at the moment I was still debating if it's worth it. LOL. Eventually I went for it because there was limited stock left. I played with it and showed it around. My friends and relatives were really impressed because they've never knew about such technology. They have never heard of the Essential phone before and now they all want my phone just for the 360 camera.

Craig McAnuff

I took it on a slide at an indoor playground, with my 3 year old son on my lap and it didn't disconnect, or stop recording. So, the magnet can be relied on to keep the camera in place in some mildly rugged activities.

Ryan D

It should come with lens covers so that you can carry it without the box