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Nick Toss

Lighting setup looks great in this vid Caleb.

Tedd Yasunari

Im sorry but audio once is blown its gone there is no way to recover from major distortion from to much input ,no matter what file or bit depth you use audio does not work like that (y)

Danyal Fryer

Me too — the new Aputure lights are going to be AMAZING!!! Can't wait to see development of the Panasonic S1 😀

Frank Romero

With so many people at NAB, how were you able to find anyone?


Had to watch in 360p so I wouldn't see all that lint on your shirt. xD

Huw Penson

i saw my buddy do it a lot and he looked really cool doing it ? what mate ?

zixuan liu

varys!why you not with the mother of dragon and go to the NAB 2019?


Caleb! Did you buy an S1? I guess we'll be hearing about this at the weekly Camera Consumers Anonymous meeting? 😛


Lol? So did every geartuber go to NAB this year?

Quentin Smith

I have a Z Cam E1 and it is awful. Basically a GoPro with a m43 mount (seriously, I unpacked the firmware and the "Z-log" LUT is actually called "ProTune"). I have really low expectations for the E2 — they have a history of overpromising and underdelivering.


I can't wait for motorized, programmable sliders to come down in price. I'd love to get one but they're ludicrous right now.

Chadwin Smith

Sick Deity shirt! Great meeting you at NAB man.

Spencer Murray

Hey man! NAB is an awesome place to meet people. I don't know if you remember, but you signed our cameras

rr narratives

yo Caleb, no big deal but, suggestion: new rounded glasses. I hear you get more subscribers quicker. but you know, gotta get the green light from the wifey first.

chris serino

Great review! Did you happen to see any new audio recorders that would be helpful for wedding shooters?

Ophir Peleg

WOW! Those Lumee strips seems amazing!!! hope to get my hands on one.


Yup, this was a crazy NAB! Thanks for the love,man

Glen Bracegirdle

Great video and helpful summary of NAB

Chris K

I have been a tech advocate for 20 years but isn't this overkill? What happened to being an artist and not relying so much on the tools? Andy Warhol manipulated the medium to his advantage and Ansel Adams looked to nature.

Praveen Kumar

Where is the Camera in THUMBNAIL. ( On top Right)


9:27 you’re doing the evil Dwight Schrute smile!

The Other Photo Guy NZ

Hey, did you see the Rode Wireless Go? What did you make of that?

Bill Young

Here is the link to the Cinematics lens. The Red Sigma 18-35 T2 is $1579 and the Black one is $1499


You Want? 100,000 Views? a Day?.. Don't post your movie or ANYTHING! of Cinematic Quality or value that makes sense.


Cool to see you and D4Darious hanging out! Gerald Undone, too!

Scott Slotterbeck

NAB...One day! (Wife in hospital nixed this year...)

Go Polaris Studio

Holy shit that bit about "RAW" audio from Zoom. That sounds super intense. Anyone got any sauce on that? It would be amazing for Tascam to compete because I simply prefer Tascam products over Zoom.

East Bay Film Alliance

Can’t wait for your XSW, Rode Go, Deity Connect reviews and comparison.
Please do one from the mixpre-3/6 user point of view and micro budget short film small crew for a two person dialog, on set 5 to 10 feet away, point of view.
There are plenty of reviews for vloggers, run and gun, on the go, one man band, one person review, connected to your camera, range test going all the way to the next zip code, behind the wall and yes it’s small etc. 🙂 please?

Marlon Orellana

wait light bulbs? I have the phillips hue and they Flicker SO BAD mainly at 60fps which sucks. wasted 100+$

DSLR Video Shooter

Hey guys! I'm jumping on the NAB livestream right now! You can join us here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nxlfmfQ-Rtg


the only reason to buy a new camera is if you drop yours and break it. Sensor tech is maxed out

BadKarma 714

I went to NAB but I did not know the Expo floor opened on Monday I was there from the 5th to the 7th I was so bummed I missed you guys but my Girlfriend won 5 Grand at Harrah's the hotel we stayed at I also just Bought a Panisonic LUMIX G7 I am loving this camera I still like my Canon 60D but 4K is where it's at do you have a video on what's the Best settings for the G7?

James Matthews

Great Overview of NAB Caleb. Was awesome to meet you! More to come I hope


Just when I thought Zoom already had all my money...

Michael Bruchas

Tell us more about Spiffy Gear mini lights! Very cool...

Scott Neumyer

Slap-bracelet RGB lights... So very 1980s LOL

Pascal Deshayes

F6: let’s see what Zoom has implemented as far as preamps, converters and clocking goes — this is much more important than the recording format.


Those bezel on the Shogun 7 are disappointingly large


You have the content, knowledge and charisma which makes great videos. You know what else this channel needs? COLOR. Enough with your grungy batcave. Bring some color man. How about some sunlight and trees?