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Hey Nemanja, do you have any advice on how to think of new ideas for photo manipulations? It's easy to watch and follow tutorials but it's hard for me to think of new and original ideas

Rahul Roy

How edit dslr type pick create attractive and smood affects

Bert Fairbrother

Splendid review & explanations of this amazing piece of eqpt. a little expensive but, i guess you get what you pay for. Thanks for bringing this item to our attention, much appreciated Nemanja 5*

Bran Ristic

Ok you played with it already, send it to me now...

Cook The Book

When can we buy? I clicked the buy now but didn't work

Nemanja Sekulic

You can purchase this gimbal after July 15.


Thank you for your amazing review for FeiyuTech AK4500.
Check more details of AK4500 here:https://www.feiyu-tech.com/ak4500/
AK4500 should be available worldwide on July 15.

EasyP Network

Handstand for the win. And thanks for the review.


I like this kind of gadgets. Even more when you go outside to try them 😉👍 I could never stay that long standing on my two hands! Forget it! 😀

Fabrice Martellucci

it is impossible to buy this model now 🙁 🙁 see the site, the button buying forward to main page model ^^


2:05 Is that an Arca Swiss/Manfrotto camera mount combo?! 😱😎

FREDY AMAL photoshop tutorials

hai nemanja uncle iam big fan of you,
i really like you,
i will watch all your videos.
you are my example,
i wanted to start a photoshop chennel like you,
even though i do not have that much experiance in photoshop,i have learned a little bit of watching you,
iam sending my video link to please give you information if there are any errors. i need
your support.
last video link : https://youtu.be/bwnOWNa0GBk

nash hall

You are the man Nemanja! — I want to get more into video so this gimbal looks the goods. Am I better off getting the AK4000 for my SONY A7R2 with 16-35gm lens or the Ak4500? By the way I've been following you for a while now on Youtube & your videos/tutorials are some of the best on there! Keep up the great work.😊👍

Vizag Views

Great review — thanks. Do you know what the compatibility with Lumix FZ2500 would