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Lyfan Deth

In the 70s the street talk was that Japanese radios and audio mics were all tuned for higher pitches since smaller Oriental native market users had smaller vocal cords and less bass to reproduce. Versus bigger Western barbarians with bigger deeper vocal cords, which Sennheiser et al were designed for. There might be some truth behind that and it would apply the same to Chinese makers. Or it could all be bunk. Word was that Kenwood was targeting the west, so their audio was different for a reason.

Lyfan Deth

Windows has assigned USB devices, drivers, ports that way for ages now, maybe back to XP. The trick is to install the device to every port, the first time around. There are 256 port assignments available in total, IIRC.

Terry W7AMI

The audio today sounds much better. Personally, I prefer the Sennheiser over the other two mics. The Fifine and the M-Audio are about the same once you add the EQ, so they are a toss up. You might want to try a head worn mic for the Saturday live broadcasts. That way the mic is always in the best place, even when you turn your head to work on your white board. Just a thought.

Lew Archer

FiFine sounded better to my aged ears (78yrs and in public settings, hearing aids in place). However, any mic you use, including tin can and string, works for me. W0YVY

David Thompson
You probably know this, but we call that "overdriving" clipping in the audio world. I don't know if you do any equalization in post production, but you would probably get a little better result if you applied some EQ in post. You are correct in that the Senn provides a little more "intimate" sound and that is because the mike is much closer to your mouth. (Again, you probably know that.) When I was performing regularly (music), we would close-mike all the vocals to get that sound and then EQ at the board to make adjustments for room/mike/system coloring.I don't… Read more »
Kyle Lan

Awesome video! Thanks for your detailed settings and mic comparison.

721 Crazy Canuck

Fifine sounded good to me. Probably the best out of the three.


Just watching the video, the FiFine microphone seems to be cheap construction, but that may just be my own impression. However, it does seem to perform well for that price point.

Carl Webster

I hope your audio comes up, it was getting harder to hear you on this laptop and it's very small speakers. Carl

Mike Klemens

Thank you Dave for a other great ham radio video. Mike N6IMY

Barry Kanne

To my ear, the Fifine mic seems to limit, or rolloff the high frequency components of your voice. Maybe OK for radio, but not pleasing to hear on your YouTube program.


Audacity is fantastic! I love the program. Sounds good!