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While I do like my reolink cameras I preference goes reolink<hikvision<dahua. With the cameras that I have dahua seems to do much better at night than the others. My biggest problem with the reolink cameras are that when you connect them to the third party NVR like zoneminder you lose a little bit of quality compared to their app it seems. Also I like the more granular controls that reolink doesn't give you. If you are looking for a really good price per$ look at the sv3c cameras. The ones that I have aren't necessarily as good but I think… Read more »

I use Amcrest on Chrome using a plugin. It works well.


great video , you deserve way more than 39k subscribers .Will definitely continue to watch your content

Lee 986

Thank you. I have 5 HikVision camera's but 3 were grey imports that arent getting new firmware updates so I'm going to replace 2 with your recommended Reolink ones. With your Reolink referral code and the additional Reolink 5% new customer discount and free shipping, it was a no brainer!

Jon Davis

Suggestion for the next video: Follow up with full review of the "best" NVR/Backend. So if I buy say the Reolinks you recommend, what's the best back-end? Should I just buy their NVR device? Or would it make sense to build my own (assuming I know how) with one of these other software options? What's the best "alternate" software?

Ben Goertz

Nice review, here's an option I have mounted on my garage. It's quick at home, but very slow off network.


ni ck af

slightly triggered by the pronunciation of "dahooah" (da-wah)

Jacob H
I can't stress enough that you should keep your camera AWAY from ANY internet connection. Your home network isn't even safe unless you have a network switch or firewall set up with network security configured correctly. Both hikvision and dahlua have been banned from being used in ANY federal government installations due to major security issues that allow for a backdoor into your system. Both are made in China and yes... they are watching...Coming from the industry a good test is to record motion at different light. Some cameras have a strange ghosting effect at low light and you disappear.… Read more »
Mark Johnson II

What about sensor size? Do any of these have ½" sensors for image quality and low light performance?

Marc R

Not sure someone has said this yet; but Reolink camera's can have major issues with BlueIris, so if you are using that, keep that i mind. the 5MP seem to have less issues than the 4MP versions, at least in my experience.


The Reolink is also ONVIF compatible. So it's very easy to use e.g. Synology Surveillance Station to record the video and to manage the device

Darren Baker

You can also set up the camera by setting your computer to a static IP on the same subnet as the camera, and connecting it to the same switch — then you should be able to access the page with no problemo.

Shawn Colson

Why didn't you test a comparable Axis camera? They invented IP Video, seems to be a lacking comparison to not include them.

J. Derek Williams

Did you include the Amcrest 4MP instead of the Amcrest 8K 8MP because you feel that the 4MP is better quality than the 8K 8MP camera?

Peter Shipley

every one of those cameras is a network security nightmare.

they're all based on the same software, any cloud access offered by the company involves your administrator password being used without encryption.

Thomas M

Windows based security systems are way too complicated, buggy, and unsecure. Linux based systems are far superior. I wish you would consider reviewing a Linux based alternative in either Ubuntu or Linux Mint.


Reolink is the only brand I recommend