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Wow I’m super impressed. I’m watching this video on a 4K HDR TV and it looks crisp af.

Brandon S

Wow I haven’t seen you in awhile. You’ve gotten so thin

Malashnikow TV 2

The end is the best. Because of the cold shoe 🙂

Samuel Fisher
When I see map banners and they showing exact same position forever and saying YOU ARE HERE I thought it is just a printed banner and always shows the same position But now I think about it IT SHOWS THE CORRECT LOCATION ACTUALLY BECAUSE TO BE ABLE TO SEE THAT MAP YOU HAVE TO BE IN THE LOCATION THAT SHOWN THE MAP 😂 But dont take that map or its photo (I know theres gps and all that, why would you do that 😂) with you because it wouldn't show your location if you move away form the maps initial… Read more »
Gary Abbott

Hi Jenna, Great video. Can you tell me which small-rig you used on the rx100 VII since they only have version V or VI available at the moment. Contacted the company and they said a version VII was in the making but if yours works I would get it. Thanks.

MALO_ 213

A great relaxing vlog! There’s nothing like nature!

Trust Me

Noticed at the beginning she made it clear that she is with Sony

Jim Waters

Yeah... love your videos... camera seems really great. Seems to handle light so well...focus really good. Are you at 4K 30p looks like it. I honestly never use 4K prefer to use 60p with 1080

Jim Waters

I keep hearing you tubers now who hire editors and some who hire videographers too. With the limited payouts you tube does now who can afford to hire crew.

Razvan D.

could get similar result with my mobile phone 🙂 also those greenish tints from Sony colors are killing me

Deacon B

I can’t help it, I love when you snap on your sister. 😂

Justin Pulitzer

Nice, did this have the steady shot / image stabilization on or off though?

Onefoot Atatime

If it had a hot shoe and you do selfie, how the mice would get in the way
Unless the hot shoe was on the bottom

Dietrich Braun
Hi Jenna! Just watched your video. The camera is great for what it is thumbs upI just had to tell you girls, your hikes amuse me 😊 So from what i can tell, you’re both hiking a few kilometres — sorry, that’s a Canadian thing — i meant miles! A few miles then, and it looks like you’re just taking yourselves & your cameras. Do you carry a backpack w/ necessities, etc? Up here in the Vancouver area, with all the hiking i do, i wouldn’t hike 500 metres without some backup. Enquiring minds want to know. Well, at least my enquiring… Read more »