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This guy is a real salesman. He completely left out all the negative things about this camera (I own one) when compared to a DSLR (which I also own). A DSLR focuses much faster, Has much less noise and better IQ above iso 100, has a better eye level viewfinder, better manual controls and is generally better ergonomically.

American Girl

the only thing (s) I dont like about my S9100 is that I cannot do tethering, and no wifi/bluetooth. I do use eyefi that lets me modify that, but its limited storage on the card. So i have to take it out and empty it at points. I would also like to use wireless triggers. I havent figured out what to use for that either. I have had this since 07' and love it. I have made MUCH money using this. Weddings, events, portraits...etc. Might not be high end — but works like one.


hey could any1 help me with the fuji finepix s1900??? what r the disadvantages and advantages, would u reccomend it, can i do panoramic shots and motion blur and macro and time exposre shots>? (i dont know much about cameras thats y im asking so many questions) or should i save up abit more and get the canon 1000d? and in order to do various shots such a panoramic, macro, motion blur, time exposure... do i need a diiferent lense for each?


@StruanSkye He told you how on this model: You can't. That's why is lower-end and cheaper.


BTW, if that's your wife or girl friend you're one lucky guy. She's quite beautiful.


I have the pretty old model S6000fd and nevertheless I am really satisfied with the results. It's really amazing how powerful can camera with such a small sensor be. I am sure that 9100 is even better. Great buy for people who want the best results for a lot less money.

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well its not slr so u dont have to buy extra long lens


Just got one. Love it. This dude is a tool, thought.


Sounds like you're getting excellent results. But, if you do have difficulty with the room lighting, read the section in the manual on how to set the white balance on the camera. It will then correct for the room lighting (which puts an orangy tint to things).

tan hock jun

i think this is quite old,newer model from fujifilm is out


I use this when photographing weddings. The only difference between this camera and a DSLR is that you can't change the lenses. If the camera has a lens of 28mm to 300mm, why in the world would you need to change lenses. A very good camera that's given me very professional results! Please if you disagree, let me know; I'm believing that I fooled them all by using this at a fraction of the price of a DSLR and much easier to use.


I'm a professional photographer and this is a great camera. I've used the Finepix series for years. Its macro lens focuses closer than any camera on the market. I take closeups of flowers with it. You can get less than half an inch away and it will focus. I also do a lot of landscape photography with it. What he didn't mention was a dedicated CCD for each Red Green Blue color. Other cameras have 1 CCD that explodes out the RGB giving you less quality. The color range is amazing.

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@ThePowerOfSTAXX it does. Get rechargeable ones.


logan, i have a question: have you never not loved a camera??

(tiger direct is unbelievably bias)...no reflection on this camera itself


I have that Digital Camera I use it for taking photos of Aircraft and I tell you it's very good.


why do they always have to get someone who is such a tool to do videos


This is a great camera. The host surprised me by knowing what he was talking about.

David Johnston

I researched the 9100 for a couple weeks, and came within seconds of getting one on eBay. After much debate, I ended up ordering the s6000fd, one b/c it was $120 cheaper, and I also read at a lot of sites that the 6MP sensor was a better fit with the lens. I was concerned 9MP sensor might need too much NR, and for the price, I could give up the hot shoe, cable release port, and extra buttons on the body. My gf has a D70, so I can always pick that up in a pinch. Cheers!

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Alguien puede hacer el favor de traducir al español por favor?

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You can put a different lens onto the original one though .

Dino DiLabio

I was wondering is The Fuji film 100fs is better then The Fuji film X- S1 Overall?

Red Shutter Photography

Bloody good cameras these I have 2 the s9500 and s9600 bloody good work horse these infact just dug my s9600 back out to poss take out tomorrow for a bit of street photography 😉


It's 9.1 mega pixels. Decent cam, good DOF, beautiful pictures.


I had this camera for years, but the 300mm equivalent thing is absolute bull. I now own a T3i with 300mm lens and this camera here does NOT go anywhere near that close. I don't know why it's marketed that way. 

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This camera if you shoot in raw you get a near 18mp (17.7mp) image. i had it for years never used the raw cos of large files. Then i did in the age of large mem cards was so shocked, its the Super CCD some of them cams double the pixels. And it looks like a near 18mp image as well not softer or anything in my opinion! but this lowers the cameras shooting speed A LOT! 


Just got this and my photos seem out of focus. I'm using Auto and P modes. It's worse when I zoom in on distance objects. What am I doing wrong


I have the S9500, and it has a exactly 9.24 mega pixels and 10.7x optical zoom with a 2x digital magnifier.

I run mine on a microdrive, and its fast!


I've had one for a couple of years and didn't know it had certain functions...lol.

Thank you!

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@StruanSkye you can ADD though...but on some that you add you lose the auto focus functions