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Nottingham Alan

i tried it yesterday and it will not zoom when your filming, it just locks at the focal length setting that you have when you press the button.

it says you cannot zoom in the manual,

look at my vidos afthunderwolf here on you tube to the poor results, i get with this camera. ( iwill be including some still on my site on flickr as well...under the same name.

in the manual it says that if you are getting grainy pictures the photos have been taken in another camera of another brand or model.

Nottingham Alan

just bought one, video record volume is set far too high and distorts terribly when at music concerts.

unlike my fuji A850 and 6500fd.

its been back to fuji ,they say there nothing wrong with it, its unusable in these situations. its has barrel distortion at wide angle and picture highlights burn out when it has to cope with a range of lighting conditions battery consumption is no where near what is claimed,