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Thorsten E. Gebuhr

Interesting interview (really — worth watching)... but this video just turns goose-bump epic at 15:03 😉

PSEU Donimus

i want to see underwater shots with this beast.

Richard Kuns

Liked he recognized need for different knob setting for still and picture modes. XT-3 already has separate settings “hidden” in “Movie Silent Controls”.


Shot on the Osmo Pocket? Now that’s impressive!

Steve K

Here's a thought: given 4:3 ratio: Is there an anamorphic mode in video?


Dual EVF on the X-T2 was game changing for manual focus. I imagine this has the same. I wouldn't go back to peaking.

You are very right about the new med format being now large format. That is what I was thinking. med format was needed in the past with film, when 35mm was so limiting with it's grain and lack of resolution? I have a 54" wide printer and still cannot find a need for it since most all large prints I make a are viewed several feet back. What exact use do we have for 102 mega pixels, outside of the need to crop a lot do to too short of a lens? Then again sling a full frame with you… Read more »

Fujifilm has come a long way since the hand-me-down Nikon bodies ... awesome to see the level of innovative thought that went into this. Thanks!


Fujifilm should change their name to just Fuji.

Phil Indeblanc
While I do love this, lets not kid ourselves and call it a LF. Its not even true MF. Yes, its 100mpixels and can deliver a large print like LF. LF stands for the sheet format and the lens relation, not the output. I can take a clean 35mm format and get a 24x36print sharp image out of the 35mm film. So we don't call 35mm a MF. Just don't hype it, as you bother a good amount of people doing so. Love the design and all the display features. Just wondering if it comes with a selfie stick. That… Read more »
Ivan Kutsarov

Now got to camersize and compare the size of Olympus E-M1X and Fuji GFX100, dear Olympus you missed the train so hard this time, I'm selling my remaining m43 gear and moving to whatever modern format either Canon R, Nikon Z or Fuji GF. There are no longer size advantage in m43 land, everything is big and expensive nowadays, with so called PRO lenses being over 1$ grand, just to find yourself handicapped by tiny little sensor.

Paul Szilard

This is the best looking camera I've ever seen. Looks like a "Porsche Design". Features are also world class leading with IBIS on a medium format. It is just pure honey. I am buying a Lotto ticket!


This video has a casual feel... that is beautiful... keep up the good work. All the best...

Three Blind Men and An Elephant Productions

Guys, thanks so much for joining the conversation. I LOVE OUR COMMUNITY. Sorry that I can't be as responsive as I'd like to be — I'm now officially swamped — and prepping for our workshop next week in NY. But please know how much I appreciate your humor, generosity, kindness, and knowledge. 🙂


I know many pros would buy this quick, if it weren't for 3 main things:

1) Lens range including maximum apertures that aren't that wide.

2) Lack of 16-Bit RAW files to work with

3) The extremely limited flash sync of 1/125th due to NO leaf shutter lenses nor the announcement of them. Not even an adapter (with AF) for using Hasselblad lenses with a camera company that they make their lenses.

This is the attitude that kind of killed Pentax with their 645 system.


Yeah that's got to be my new "power ball" camera...


i was thinking this might be a possible purchase. Then i saw the launch price lolz.

Wil Santana

Great video! Let’s wait for the deep review 🙂


Let's see what Hasselblad does now. They're notoriously silent. I think nearly all of their users want a more polished and capable X1D rather than a 100MP camera and I'll agree. The 100 GFX shouldn't be the competition, but if there's no updates while this camera does a lot really well, Fuji will see a lot of new buyers.

Sal Patalano

I may have missed it but what is the flash sync speed vs the 50S?

Andrew Porfyri

Nice,Is there an option to shoot smaller RAW files when 100 MP is not needed?


Speaking of Fuji ... THEY'VE FIXED THEIR MOBILE APP! There's been a huge UI revamp, the connection issues are sorted out, transfers and live view are now functioning. I thought the day would never come. Now I can go back to recommending them and feeling like less of a douche for having done so.


I am very happy that this camera is not cheap and I hope it does not radically lower its price in the future, nowadays with so many "photographers" giving away their work I do not even want to think that a monster like this falls into their hands. Well done Fuji!