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Thanks for this great video, I have only one question regarding new AF modes. In either Zone or Wide/Tracking modes, When half-pressing shutter release, sometime several autofocus points (green boxes) are highlighted in green showing they achieved focus — my question is: which one of those boxes the camera is actually locking into for the exposure ?Sometimes there will be several boxes highlighted in a zone or wide/tracking — some will lock on objects in the front and some locked on objects in the rear — when I fully press the shutter release — which of those boxes is actually used by the camera… Read more »
Ivan Lai

What iOS app is that when he pulled the images from the camera to his phone? Doesn't look like the official Fujifilm app.

eramil borres

I was starstruck of your photos in instagram. Was it a photo came directly from your fuji camera or you add some editing on it. Pls advice me, i really wanted to know in photography so bad, specially in using fujifilm. Thanks and hoping for your advice. Cheers. I subscribe and hit like for your great works.


he said , he will add it to his collection, what means he wont use the xt10 uhahaha