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alvin n

Wow...not only on the XT30 but a video that does justice to cover all the functionalities! Good stuff...

Vicky Goh

Hi Maarten Heilbron, can you made a comparison Fuji XT3 vs A7III. Thanks

Ajit Singh

I m big fan of ur tutorial...pls make video for video shoot via nikon

Rick Mentore

After your reviews one is often tempted to rush-out and acquire the reviewed item! Another comprehensive review MH. Your videos are a service to the picture making world, thank you.

Geert Buelens

Thxs for the outstanding and detailed review!

Simon Trezise

Thank you. Another really helpful video. I bought the camera and really like it. I'm slowly teaching my thumb not to hit the Q button on the thumb rest, but I feel strongly that Fuji got this one wrong. Losing four programmable buttons in favour of touchscreen swipes is also troublesome, as I'm no fan of touchscreens, but perhaps I just need to adapt. The rest is fantastic. I'm curious to get your views on how it compares with the Sony A6400 too...

Ted Lee

Your work is a gift to all man kind. Well, mostly to photo shoppers. But still, great work.

Lorrie Dabdoub

Thank you once again for a great review. You covered everything about this camera, (as far as I know!). The decision between T30 and T3 just got harder!!! Thanks again,

Johnny Doe

Sir, you do the absolute best reviews! You put in so much work and detailed analysis on each one! I truly appreciate your videos! Thank you!


You are amazing. This video should be shipped with the camera.

title: 30 mins of all the things what your camera can do 🙂

Andy Currie

Once again, the best camera review on the internet. Fuji, Nikon et al could learn from your superb presentations Maarten — thanks!

Mike Camden
Your reviews are FANTASTIC! I love the amount of detail you include. Thank you so much! Any chance you can tell just your closest 70,000 friends which way you'd lean between the a6400 and the X-T30? I have an X-T30 that I'm considering returning (it has to be returned by 4/21) because I'm not 100% satisfied with it. I shoot all jpeg, mostly pictures of my family and pets. Probably 75% of the pics are indoors in less than perfect lighting (i.e. regular indoor lighting). I've found the Fuji's Face Detect can be spotty in indoor lighting, when the subject… Read more »
Shantanu Mishra

is it true that you cant color grade 8 bit footage...?

Harry Neary

Great review as always.

Fuji has released a firmware update today that makes hitting the Q button less of a problem. And said in summer there will be another update to allow the Q button to become an Fn, and other Fn buttons to be set as the Q. Which should fix the problem you mentioned.

The Right Tone

Hey Maarteen! You said you prefer the 16-55mm for video. How is it going with no ois? I am thinking about getting a non ois prime lens for video and i have a gimbal but i am really not sure about that. It looks pretty bad handheld as i saw. I am concerned if a gimbal can handle that well

Vũ Hoàng Bách

Another beautiful video! Thank you so much

Tarwinder Saran

thanks for such a detailed and objective review!!! Appreciated

Lennin Leon

Excellent review! I'm about to buy a new camera. However, my budget is tidy. I can get the xt30. Nevertheless, this camera is not weather sealed and I'm planning to use it as a travel camera... I'm not planning to take photos under the rain but I probably do it on the beach or close to waterfalls... Does the xt3 really worth the money for that feature? or should I get the xt30? Thank you!

Lee YH

At 16:25 can explain more of the easter egg function thanks.

Admir Abdurahmanovic

Great review. Thank you for awesome work and sharing your knowledge!

Miguel Osvaldo

Thanks, you make the best reviews! I'm thinking this will be my next camera.


Great video mate. I absolutely agree Fujifilm needs to step up their game on recording time (and battery time at the same time). I’m using GH5 mostly because it’s been the only camera that can record continuously for as long as I need. 4K HEVC 10-bit 3 hour shoot? No problem. I hope Fujifilm will do it too.

Sam Yang

So good. Always super detailed and really easy to watch.


With all the latest Smartphones are releasing in 2019,it got me thinking should I ever need to get an extra camera for myself.


How annoying are the 4GB video chunks? Are frames skipped between them like EposVox reported about the G7? Thanks

Thien An Duong Do

Love the detailed review! What software do you use for processing Fuji RAWs?

Bryan Stern

Thanks. Maarten. I learned a number of things that I didn't know before. Also, I love your auto ISO settings. One other comment, you went so fast that in certain places on the video that it was hard to follow. That said, my experience of using the camera is dramatically improved since watching your video. Thank you so much.