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Lau Bjerno

Already in the first video my choice was the Fuji, and this video hasn't changed that.
However, my final choice was given in advance: None of them.

tean tan

you like to sit on the fence, and not offend any manufacturer with my limited knowledge obviously less than you. In summary, I think Fuji XT-30 has an edge over the A6400 end of story no need part 1 and 2 over 40min of video.


I had a chance to play with a friends A6300 recently. While it seemed like a very capable camera, its ergonomics and odd lens-to-body proportions felt awkward and weird to use. I certainly missed having more dials, and overall I just found it a bit less fun and intuitive to use than my Fuji bodies.

Keith Riser

Difficult decision, but i ended up with the a6400. Did you observe when using the my dial settings and a custom button to cycle between 1->2->3 only works when using the rear LCD? When using the EVF I cannot cycle. I was using position 2 to control ISO.

2 Canadian Retirees Adventures

Thanks for sharing... Have a good one.

Сережа Артюхов

Good in-depth review. I have a few questions popped up and would be very grateful if you answer at least a few of them. 1) Does picture noise reduction & sharpening can be turned off for video mode? 2) Which is better in case of video dynamic range — 6400 in HLG 2020 or X-T30 in Externa with 'Dynamic Range' setting set to maximum? 3) Is it true that 6400 has some parasitic yellowish tint (even in compare to 6300/6500)? 4) Can 6400 record 4K 25fps in Super 35mm? 5) Where is better in-built audio quality? Thank you.


One of the only reviews I'll trust when comparing the 2. Thanks.

SCD Observer

Fuji looks better, and Sony's eye detect is more accurate.

Rick Mentore

"Give the people what they want." I remember subscribers asking for this comparison and you've delivered, "delivered in spades." Fantasist, thorough job as usual.

Mel Enriquez

Maarten, excellent review as usual!

A question — how is the video quality in 4k and 1080p when you use ClearImage Zoom?


Joe Capozziello

Thanks for another complete, unbiased comparison. Really informative!👍🏻

Bhoopati Baboo

I was really torn between these two cameras. Thank you so much for the in-depth comparison!

all the internal recording on the x-t30 (≈28min) were made with only 1 battery? and how much battery life was left? Really relaxin video comparing in complete detail every feature. Thanks 🙂 I think im leaning towards the xt30: I really like the look (dials and size), the film simulations (for video speacially), the small lenses and bright kit lense and the pro controls for video. My only doubts are regarding the handling of the camera (I wish i could go to a store and test it), the video recording limit (more for the Overheating since I live in the… Read more »
GD Rothenberg

Great two part series with much more info than I could absorb in one sitting. I'm a recent switcher from Sony APS-C to Fuji. My primary reason is still valid, I think. The Price/Value of Fuji's lenses for APS-C is far more favorable for Fuji users. I think their ecosystem is a relevant point of comparison. Thanks for your comprehensive analysis, Martin.

Code Orion

nothing is more detail than ur review sir!!!

Akhyar Rayhka

Fuji menu is still confusing for me, and my friend Fuji XT30 glitches after 3k shots, BUT fuji manual dials is so much faster than the best menu

Hatem Alahwal

Great video as always. Keep up the great work!

Serkan Ister

You dragging me into photography Mr. ! Good job


Thank you for your in depth comparison. I have the a6400 because I can change lenses with my a7iii and I can get reasonable priced sigma 1.4 primes for it. The xt30 looks great too.

Mic Jam

I prefer the a6400 because of its incredible autofocus and unlimited recording. But the xt30 seems to be a smarter choice because of better lens selection.
Thumbs up for detailed comparison 👍


Great comparison! Considering 2 camera body also need to consider choice of lens and battery grip, battery life. It's good to add these general information in the summary section. Cheers!

Eric Wilson

I love the form of the Sony but the soul and controls of the Fuji. Will Fujifilm ever build an X camera with a flat top, a viewfinder and a tilt screen? I wish and wait, but my 8-ball says ''doubtful." Great review as always!


raw,size,evf,moving focus — sony

jpeg sooc, lenses (cheap and strong!!),price — fuji

video quality — i amazed, but fuji equal sony here. hahaha,wow, fuji, i applause. after $hit x t100 videoquality it's a HUGE STEP.

dolores deojos

part 1 coming soon ?..ahhhh man...I was getting crazy looking for part 1...let me activate the bell...

YonMoTiTa Gamer

I like XT30 but I still thinking about Full frame 6D Mark2 😔

Peter Paul Chato

“Please tell me if there is an aspect I’ve missed?” I almost died when I heard you say that.

Paolo La Rocca

Thanks Maarten for the nice video. I probably prefer the sony for the outstanding autofocus, mode dial, d-pad instead of joystick, wider selection of inexpensive lenses (?) and the slightly smaller size. But if any of the two had IBIS that would be the key difference, that's one of the reasons I recently bought one of the sony a7 series cameras instead...


You are the Best. Great review. Wich one would you preffer? In Your big experience wich is The best for stills and eventually video use?
Thanks in advance

Mike Camden

Thanks Maarten. Great video as always. I'm really looking forward to Part 1 when you dive into still image quality differences. I hope you talk about differences between the two cameras with SOOC jpegs. Thanks again for your thoroughness and excellent, detailed explanations!

Ong Taik Kheng

Excellent review, Maarten. I have a X-H1 and X-T3. I am contemplating trading in my X-H1 for the X-T30. What do you think?

Soumya Mitra

Good one!
Seem like T30 is better for videos while it'll require an external recorder to utilize high-end functions. Would you like to suggest a few 4K external recorders for T30?

48 years old and new to "real photography". I agonized over the decision between these two for the last month, going back and forth, even going so far as to order the Sony then cancel and finally wind up with the Fuji. I've only had it a day. Based on all the reviews online it really is splitting hairs between these two. I liked the look of the Fuji (silly but hey, for $1K, i want to like how it looks too if possible, though the Sony is cool in its own right.) Seemed like the Fuji is a little… Read more »

I'm confused, why part 2 before part 1 (coming soon)?

Patrick C
Wow, I just had to comment on how awesome your reviews and comparison videos are. When you say "super detailed" you sure mean it! (and there's still a part one coming, wow!)Thank you for these great in-depth videos! Looking forward to (hopefully) a future "best video settings for the Fuji X-T30"Oh, and these are both such amazing cameras. It was a really tough choice to make but I chose the X-T30 because once I held it in my hands at the store, I just knew it was the one. The A6400 has some really great features (like the autofocus) but… Read more »