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Bill Zebub

I am addicted to the Glidecam 4000, but unlike you, I have been using autofocus. I think that I will film in both MF and AF in the future, just in case. The Sony 7iii and even the 6300 have performed well in AF mode.

benji w

Got myself a redking after watching this and i loved it. Thanks parker!
For people saying they cant afford either of them, just saw that redking ( used) is availble for $137 on proaim.ca ... i think proaim manufacturers redking or something... i got a couple of used equipment from the site and it is all sick! got a great deal.wish i knew about the used equipment when buying redking, could have saved a couple of bucks. Good luck people!


Replace FlyCam Grip with a MX Motorcycle Grip . Problem Solved. Thx for Comparison. Well done!


Got to say im new to film making after 25 years as a pro snapper but you are my go-to expert, no rubbish, superb info! Thanks Parker, Ian UK...

Xavier Wood

The question is , is the glide cam worth 600 dollars more

Milan Karakas

But, for this price ($800), where is the support body vest, springs and arms?

daniel massot

$205 glydecam...you've obviously used it for longer so probably broken in...probably comes from the exact same factory

Michael Chan-Pong

Just got a Flycam, and the grip is glued in place. Maybe they watched this video 😉

Ryan Thomas

I just watched your latest stabilizer video and you should do this vs that. The footage with this glidecam is impressive

AG Creations

I bought a 35$ steadycam on ebay and it works fine for me, just a little heavy

Jake McCleary

"Out of the mouth of two witnesses" Haha Might as well put this clip in Preach my Gospel!;)

Peter Morrissey

Great vid, very informative. Not only a worthwhile comparison but an excellent tutorial on using such gimbals. Parker is ever on point and wastes no time waffling on. Thank-you!


Don't get the flycam buy a used glidecam HD 4000 on eBay

Glen M. Danielsen

Parker's got screen presence! Movements of coolness! Thanks so much for your incredibly helpful vid's, brother. Cheers,


Someone can tell me why for this price we just dont buy à fuck*ng Ronin SC ? What is the difference between a glidecam whit a Ronin SC ?

Andrew Overmyer

so a 3 dollar tube of super glue for the handle will pretty much save you $600 hmmm...

Nigel Joycey

when he said pan up it made me cringe but atleast he corrected it haha. I wonder is the max weight on the flycam is the equivalent of the glidecam cause im running an Ursa Mini and will barely be able to balance it on the highest end glidecam. The difference in price doesn't seem worth it


You gave me an idea, instead of runing i can set the flycam on to an electric scooter 💡

Erica Rodriguez

I love your video equipment reviews SO much! Thanks for helping me make some really crucial purchasing decisions. You da bomb, man.

Morgan M

I noticed that when holding the stabilizers you put the handle out in front, instead of trailing. Would you say that makes a big difference in your footage output or just hand ergonomic preference?

Black Dog Productions

I’ve tightened some zip ties on the top and bottom of the handle. Stops the handle slipping.

Drw YouTube

What do you think of the ifootage Wildcat III

fredrick wille

WOW!! Very nice but i guess you get what you pay for 🙂


i just bought the flycam nano which is about $37 and it works great

Monty Scott

Would y’all get the Glidecam 2000 (older model ) or the redking.
Found a used glidecam for $200

Tony Kuzmin

Nice video!
I actually like these sticks more than a gimbals