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matt Alford

The pixel is great until it meets any amount of liquid lol. No wide angle lens. It's not HDR10+ certified. Can't wirelessly charge it. No expandable storage. But it's ok for the price.


How can you compare this phone to s10e and Xr

GhaV jGRite (jeaHAvee)

Time to uninstall Inbox on that iPhone XR.

Tiktok Toyatoya

compare these to something comparable price-wise!!!!!!!

Beans beans

That's a ugly woman. This review would have been better with a hot black girl.


Please put in more effort, this feels like very last minute. Some information is wrong, the recording and lighting are not good, the background is just...

brown bobby

This is like ad for pixel phone, saying a bunch of objective opinions without differenciations from iPhone and samsung

Socity 13

None of those phones have stainless steel bodies... Aluminum yes... #factcheckyourself

Emmanuel Lengmang

Would have appreciated it if there was no background noise. Made the video feel unprofessional

Mike Cajurao

Good review... For me Pixel 3a is a game changer in the market. way more better as a mid-range and budget friendly 👌

Nicol Bolas

Why is there so much variability with S10e battery? There are battery tests that show 7-8 hours of screen on time, and others that say 2-4?

Tacticaltaco88 88

I feel like the xr and s10e are the best for the money... I love the s10e! Perfect size and all around good phone. The pixel just has a good camera and that's it... I don't give a shit about that

Samuel Melo

I mean, if you don't have a good space to record the video, I'd say it's better not to do it. There are parts I can barely hear you because of the background noise and the echo.

Jamil Johnson

s 10 e is number 1 number 2 is pixel 3 and in last place is x r from Apple

Green Planet

Bla bla bla boring man👎👎👎👎👎


XR is just not worth comparing to any of the three phns... XR is a $300 phn priced at $750... overpriced crap from Apple... AGAIN...!!!

adam tomlinson

Thanks for the honest review. I agree that today’s mid-range smartphone is more than enough for the average person.

Timothy Coleman

This was very bias review. U can clearly tell he likes Google pixel more than the other 2. He just kept making excuses for the pixels


Wouldn't the Samsung A series be a more honest comparison? It is their actual mid-ranger. I've never seen or heard Samsung say the S10e is anything short of a flagship


Does it really make sense when you say the XR and S10e have better durability and at the same time say glass breaks easier? How do you think glass is more durable than plastic?

Thiery Virginie

S10e is not in this league, you can even compare it to XS max