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How about shooting with medium format lens and speedbooster on fullframe?

Mod Bull

This is god of camera maybe in future company will make video camera with that type sensor

Kolkata Sarkar
Points to be noted:-1) This camera (and other brands like this) contains some steel, metals, glass, which weigh a few grams, which costs not more than 7 dollars. 2) Electronic sensors consists some elementary materials, which costs not more than 10 dollars.3) Processing charge not more than 50 dollars.5) Engineering brain-work costs not more than 100 dollars.So, the price should not be more than 7+10+50+100=167 Dollars.Well, the Chinese and the Indian engineers are just waiting to copy the technology. That day is not far away when you will all find it in the market at a cheap rate. For example,… Read more »

He forgot to say "and also 33 THOUSAND DOLLERS"


Yay more sterile overly sharp ones and zeros to ogle over

sf nooner

Zillion Dollar Camera, cheap five and dime footage.

Prakash Singh

Its very expensive , even if you plan it on rent !


38, 60, 085rs in india. If I have this money I can buy new house...

Aerospace Fox

Damn, not very versatile for a $50,000 camera.


No focus stacking. No ES. No ability to zoom focus preview above 100% on the mobile app. For stills shooting it’s a beautiful camera but it’s an antique relative to the new IQ4.


A couple of corrections, your sample image of how the sensor changes the field of view is wrong, a smaller sensor won't zoom like you showed in the images. When you showed the images from bigger sensor, you also zoomed out of the image, which doesn't happen with a larger sensor. If I print out a picture and start cutting it, like when cropping with a smaller sensor, I haven't zoomed in more.

Second, sensor size doesn't change depth of field. What changed your depth of field is the fact that you move to get the same framing.


It sucks. Micro 4/3 is all you need. (Joke)


Medium Format photo camera = Large Format in “video” camera speak 😉


Fullframe? Hasselblad is medium format

Adrian Negreanu

216mb per RAW image jesus christ ! And with the price of Cfast cards, you would need to spend another 5 grand to be able to record 4k with this thing hahahah