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Scott T

Also TCL MicroLeds 4k tvs are coming to the US in September. It will be called TCL 8 series.

Antwan L Williams

Love to see a TCL face off. Battle of the budget sets. "LETS GET IT ON!"🥊🥊


Just give it 2 months till it stops working.

Jonathan Ochs

Off angle viewing and how it handles bright rooms is what I care about. At this price point im sure it wont be good for gaming but would not mind hearing about that aspect as well.

Jeremy Lister

Hisense software is terrible.
Watch a lot of YouTube then go to Netflix 4k and it's fine. Try Amazon prime and it says not enough bandwidth and won't play anything. To get prime to work you have to delete app cache reboot then it'll work ok...until you watch some more YouTube.
Buy from a company that can write good firmware!!!
Oh, icing on the cake...when you delete cache it also deletes all your Netflix log on details!!!!!!


I will go with Vizio 65inch 4k for the ½ price

lamar frazier

Wait did he say Hisense doesn't sell the H9F in the states?????

TJ King

What you should do is pick five TVs and cover the names and ask people which one they think is best.

Scott T

Also people asking if they should buy this Hisense H8F or the TCL 6 series the answer is hell no. I was a Samsung guy till I saw the TCL over my friends house and I pulled the trigger and got the 65 inch. The Tv is beautiful and the best that money can buy right now. It looks like TCL foxed there QC problem.

Scott T

Are you saying the Hisense H9F is not coming now to the US? It was announced to come out in June. I tweeted on Hisense account with of course no answer.


When they set this up on my wall at work, some of us thought is was a Sony x950g! Lmfao when I checked the tag I was like "Hisense?!" The tv is bright and colorful. Too bad we can't sell it at the moment due to recall! All cause of faulty packaging.

Nick Bradley

Question: I bought a 50" Samsung 1080p Plasma in 2010. I keep hearing that the new 4K HDR LEDs aren't much better in terms of picture quality. Is this true or should I finally buy a new TV?


How does it compare to the Sony 950, Vizio quantum X, and TCL series 6 in picture quality for price with out going OLED and worrying about burn in and having to watch your content use.
Which has the best input lag.


right off the top you mentioned back light, more than likely it will be a bloomer and not the best black levels,
at the end of the day you'll get what you pay for..........................

Free IS-BE

the video looks blurry in the tv settings !


In the review mention, at the end of the day should we go with this or TCL R6


“Apple TV, even.” The host names that particular media player last, literally as an afterthought. This is strange. Wouldn't a piece where he deals with quirks from Android TV be an ideal venue for listing a fast, well-rounded alternative? Apparently not. Instead, the host does everything he can to place doubt in people's mind about Apple TV.

Scott T

Dont buy this tv if you have $700 to spend. The H9F will be coming out and it 10 x better on paper anyway. So hold your horses...lol

Scott T

Hisense marketing sucks. No wonder they dont sell tvs. They updated there US site with the H9F with no price or no release date. What a joke.


Could you guys review the LG Nano 8 series?? 😁😁😁

Marcel Mayer

dont buy these... really . they panels are so crap and just break and got failure pixel

Swizz Ronny

Thank you for the review but all im waiting for is the sony a9g.Please caleb when will you review it?I ve been waiting almost for a month now.Even if its just unboxing.

Marlon Dela Cruz

Okay, we will just be friends. Well, yeah. What's up my best friend! Love you! 🙂

Digital Trends

Does this TV fit with your budget? What do you like most about its features?


I wonder what the motion handling and upscaling are like.


Is this tv better than the vizio P series ?

Chris Bullock

Captain Marvel / Incredibles 2 good test videos

Will Wel

Does it have a coaxial connector and or a TV tuner?

rai x

This TV is spying Americans. New Chinese product USA needs to Ban 😂

apmmasterpc99 apmmasterpc99

how much does this tv cost 700 dollar?

Lucas J

It might be the camera shots but the tv looks blurred and washed and not good.

Corey Scrivens

Great video but I'll get the vizio TV just because they have a 70inch TV for 700$ bucks. That's a great deal.