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Trace Bowen

These are not at all good cameras to recommend for beginners. You should recommend LUMIX G7 for the third level. But $1,000 for a level two camera is stupid and for level one, you do not need to go get a new top of the line phone. Just use the one you have.

Ben Anderson

How do you feel about VSCO? It’s my go-to photo editor and but I feel limited.

Of course this is sponsored by Capital One. It should be renamed "How to choose the perfect camera, a rich person's guide". Suggesting the Pixel 3 out of the gate or iPhone XS!? And then ultra premium point and shoot recommendations that don't even have changeable lenses? Insanity. If you really must have just a larger sensor, you can buy older DSLRs and mirrorless models, save a lot of money, and see how you like them. Even the oldest camera with a larger sensor will outperform a smaller sensor. Personally, I think Full Frame is overrated too. It's more expensive, it's larger, it's heavier, you must have… Read more »
Ashwin karthik



thank you sir because of u i started this channel again thnx

Adeeb Md

I now still have to suffice with the D90 thinking of filming but eh very bad


have you tried the eos R? What’s your take on it?

Hudson Hintze

yo she JUMPED from point and shoots to bank breaking cameras like that

Christopher Lim Xian Da

Meanwhile I'm still patiently waiting for Photos on Mac to get back to Aperture levels of performance... It's good enough for most people, can process RAW files pretty good, and is getting quite powerful now. But... batch edits please Apple...

Victor Abarca

Wow Becca this video is soooo good! Every single time that I watch my camera gear box it’s like “ok, I have a problem, first step: find help”. And after watching your video... it’s like “ok, so I’m not the only one!” Please keep up with this series of camera videos, they are super great. Thank you!

anuj bajracharya

For people with low budget, sony A6000 is a great camera. Its mirrorless, has interchangeable lens system, and takes great photos. Plus it's like only 500$ for the body. Just get yourself a A6000 and a 35mm or 50mm or even the new sigma 16mm and you're done.

Bene C

Very interesting going thru the purchase stage at the moment as dropping down from Olympus omd em5 MK II due to health and still want to get shots at air show's and stuff so having real fun trying to find one great report stay safe

Tim Laurel

I had to laugh out loud when you had mic jacks & an XLR input on the sidebody: Sony & Canon will never let that happen in our lifetimes

Tyler Atwood

OMGGGGG these comments... she's CLEARLY talking about beginner, amateur, professional in her three steps of talking about the cameras. Coming from a working professional photographer NO you cannot find a new updated quality professional camera for less than about 2grand. Her statements were 100% accurate. Stop commenting like you know it all if you clearly know nothing about the camera industry.

Roberto Fuentes

love the dream camera part, it was super fun

Winson Shuen

I super like Becca. Keep up the good work!

Alejandro Delgado Ortega

Great video. Excellent info. Txs.

T2 Throttle Maniac

make a video on camera for videographer

The Hiarchially Posessed Ghost

Although the presenter isn't as knowledgeable as some here, it is cool to see her promoting Rawtherapee to beginners. Using Rawtherapee sure helped me get better at editing, and I learned much more than I ever would have using Lightroom. Now, I could probably afford Adobe CC, but I prefer the look I get out of Rawtherapee, in comparison to the ACR raw engine.

Bruno Abreu

Ok. I would do pretty much the same modification you have done to get the perfect camera. Guess what?! Back in 2015, Panasonic almost did it! With the GM-5, coupled with an Panasonic Leica 15mm you get pretty close the ideal camera.


Nice video, but honestly even 20 dollar canon d300 with 40 dollar lens can outperform most phones

Nic Pachunka


Hariom Vyas

Well seeing your old episode. I thought you bought S9+ but you have S9 in your hand.

Bello Alaba

please what camera do you suggest I get to be able to a shoot freestyle videos ?


Does anyone have a recommendation if I have $500 and want a camera that also films? It doesn't have to be professional but just better than the average phone. I want to start an online business one day.

Maarten Blij

Between the Sony RX100 series and the Canon / sony camera's, there is a LOT of choice. Like, a lot a lot.


You don't need a DSLR to start shooting, just pick up a Diana off Ebay and start shooting

Yoan Mitov

Nowadays you can get an excellent (APS-C) camera for less than a $1000 (or 500 used). And good lenses don't have to cost more than a grand either.

Aleksander Sukiasov

I have bought Canon M50 + Neewer 35mm F/1.7. That's exact the same lens, shown at 4:43. Very happy with both camera & lens.

Jon Masters

You described a dream camera very similar to a Sony a6000/6300/6500. I've been rocking an a6000 since it came out and I am still very impressed by it.

zoheb saikia

Great video as always...Verge is just top class.

Grayden Knoll

Why do i never see anybody using the new lightroom?

Bil Kc

I'm a professional photographer, a friend told me about "what was said" on this video and it was like "WHAT???". Then he sent me the link... ARE YOU SERIOUS??? This how you expect helping people to choose a camera???
This is what i got -----> 1st advice is "go buy one of last smartphone"
3:19 this is not how we manipulate a lens... BRAVO