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Junsue Park

Your videos are great but it’s time to retire that intro. Also, the 16:9 option is only for stills — Sony cameras will automatically record XAVC video in 16:9. Always keep your camera on 3:2 or else your losing resolution on your stills!


Way too much talking with your hands in front of the camera... It's really distracting. Also you repeat yourself A LOT for like the first 3 minutes or so.

Royal Designer's

Which cases touch screen work properly in sony A7iii *?


If I setup in the movie with profile p10 and I want to take pictures in M mode I need to change PP again. Anyway to put no PP in M and Movie mode with PP

Brian Sloan

What is the benefit to setting detail to -6 for 4K?

Martel Coors

Just what i needed, Thanks man! keep up the good work:)

Rickey Soriano

Just the video I needed! Thanks, boss.

Lucas Dumphreys

Quick question, why do you have custom for Eye AF if the new firmware activates it automatically?

Pierre Gauthier

Thanks for video. So what's about C1-C2 and C3?

Donatello petrini

U better put it in slow motion when u put it in number two 😉

Evan Nowak

Awesome videos man! I just started my YouTube and bought myself an a6400 to shoot my video work and this has been immensely helpful. The colorspace is so much different compared to my Nikon but I’m loving it so far. I feel like I have so much more to customize with these cameras and I’m starting to look to upgrade my old Nikon d750 to a full fledged Sony system! Thanks again for your help!

Mohammad Dakkak

Just got an a6400 and will be trying out these settings lol. I’m struggling with pictures profiles and color grading the most because I never had to do that on my a6000. But thanks for this video, it helps a lot!

Ugur Doyduk

I am using a7r2 for years for prof filmmaking but I learnd my cam memory settings right now. Thanks man. It helps me a lot

Infinity Hive

Dude, you are late to the party with like a year 😂😂😂


After following and learning from your a6000 content for a while now, I ended up trading my a6000 for an A7III this morning, then got on YouTube to find you posted this. Super convenient timing!

Jeff Villanova
I would say 98% accurate. Only 2 things seem not good for me as photographer. Profil picture doesn't impact RAW file so no need to turn it off (impact only the thumbnails probably because they are jpeg) and the second thing is back button focus that is a game changer for quicker shoots as you dont't have to wait for refocusing everytime. I would love also that sony able to not lose your settings everytime you turn the weel... when you go to 120 fps and come back to 24fps then you have to re do the iso, wb, aperture...… Read more »
Daniel Palma

I shoot custom wb on my a7iii. The wb is pretty accurate in auto? Trying to avoid a coloring nightmare

Adam Tabor

For some reason none of my picture profile settings save in M1 or M2

Mehdi Nejad

Are you sure you're not italian? Like maybe way back in the day? You might be american but your hands are sure as hell italians.


Hope you had a good winter!! Thanks for sharing mang 😎

mathai moua

Been waiting for a full vid like this from you! Thank you!


Hello from Germany. If you use an external monitor...if you push REC the monitor turns black. how do you fix that? Dankeschön

Cody Blue

It's a long one — but if this doesn't help you get your camera setup, I don't know what will! HAHA thanks for watching everyone!


Don’t try 4K on any camera without gh5 or gh5s and a9 rolling shutter is a huge problem 😱

Alexander C. Svensson

Awesome man, super helpful! Now I’m ready for some killer shots! 😃

Luis Zayas

Any small YouTubers looking to help each other?


I watched this WHOLE video and.......I have a Fuji XT3. lol. Still good vid


I am sad that the LCD has little resolution and in Sunny Mode the colors are not true comparing to EVF, so I can not rely on what I see and also the image transferred to the laptop has nothing to do with what the display shows. Doesn’t it bother you specially for filming?

Ulrick Teissier

Thanks for your video. But is there a way to switch from still to video quickly when you make hybrid shooting for a wedding? Thanks


how to setup your A7iii for filmmaking: sell it and get a GH5 😀


Always shoot RAW for photography if you can! The changes you can make in post are worlds apart from RAW to Jpeg

Eudaimonic Traveler

Thank you, Cody! I just got my hands on the A7 III. I was clueless about where to start. Luckily, this video came up. I can start exploring now 🙂