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Norberto Castro

Why do you have them almost all the time turned on the back? So anoying

Ishan Goswami

If we keep 2 phones on each other back to back ; Which will charge and which will get charged ?

กูชื่อ อะไรวะ???

how much is it??


Please stop making 80% of the review about the camera. Most of us pull out the phone take a quick pic and keep moving. All these cameras a great today. Not many of us are going around using our phones as professional photographers. Please there are many great details about this phone your passing up on to review the camera.

Alistair Razi

I will buy one on Amazon as soon as it becomes available online.

moh amad

But can it take better pictures than Apple's new credit card?? ...I don't think so.

power moves

Are u telling us a secret?
Why so low 🤔

jimmy cychowski
If this was the new Pixel 4/XL, i would be all over it like a rash......not a fan of the UI and added bloat that Huawei adds, i know nova launcher will help a lot, but it can only do so much, the added apps can be hidden or deleted i suppose, but i bow my head to Huawei they are the new innovator kings and are pushing smartphone tech, the R&D money they have spent over the last few years is really showing with the devices they have released, if Huawei made a stock android version of this or… Read more »
Mashari F

the 40MP on the p30 has f1.8 aperture (from mate 20 pro), the p30 pro has the new sensor with f1.6


I just can't stand the screen resolution. So close but not enough to sell it to me.


The review is most probably full of interesting details. But it is impossible to listen to on headphones. I gave up at 4:20.

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Nine Hills

No stereo combination on the regular P30? only mono speaker?

Sure Thing

No 5g Option?☹️It Sucks 🤒👎
Buy Samsung 5g option 1st 👍

Maxine Holmes

Am I watching a David Attenborough documenty? 🤔

CTO Information

beautiful! just beautiful! no flashy Commercial words like Samsung, but HUAWEI got a really solid innovation product. well done.